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Mod List: No Man's Sky Season 3 - Cartographer's Expedition and Frontier's Update

I purposefully waited on playing No Man's Sky when the Frontier's Update came out for two reasons. First to allow the new Season 3 to start and secondly to allow mods to be updated for the new version. Here are some of them:

Time Savers (Don't spend your life staring at a rock):

Makes No Man's Sky Live-Stream Friendly (without massive artifacting):

Quality of Life / Visual Updates:

Cheat Mods (Trivializes Under-tuned or Undesired Mechanics)

Inventory Management 10x stack -
Better Ship Inventory Range -

Linux Specific:

Installed Proton GE 6.16-GE-1 into Steam's /compatibilitytools.d/ (had to create it) folder and running No Man's Sky through it: 

This is a fork of the compatibility layer that Steam uses to play Windows games in Linux.