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Daggerfall Unity | Fryca BossFall Mod Loadout for 2022

Daggerfall Unity is an Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall re-implementation in the Unity Engine, and Bossfall is a fork of that game, changing things that a normal mod can't. Aside from some changes, it is at it's core still Daggerfall unity and has mostly the same mod support. You do NOT need to own a copy of Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall to play this.

Install Bossfall into it's own folder anywhere, then install the Daggerfall Data files into the same Folder. These files are a stripped down version of the ones Bethesda has given away for free for years. From there Bossfall will run.

Mods for Bossfall need to be installed inside sub-folders within Streaming Assets. Most .dfmod files go in Mods, but some also go in Textures and Questpacks, pay attention to any mod pages for installation instructions. 

Recommended for Everyone:

Vanilla Daggerfall Bugged Location Fixes -
Temples and Templar Orders Quests -

Graphical Changes:

World Overhaul:

Distant Terrain (Turn "Enable Improved Terrain" OFF) -

Features Additions/Changes:

Mods to Make The Game Harder: