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No Man's Sky Outlaws (Season 6: Blighted) Mod List

The Outlaw's Update to No Man's Sky adds the ability to join a Space Pirate faction and do less than legal activities with Fake Passports and other smuggling related equipment. Season 6 of No Man's Sky events adds the Blighted event, where there is a specific faction of Pirates known as the Blighted, lasting 6 weeks, the Blighted will unlock rewards you can use on your non-seasonal save files.

In addition to the seasonal and permanent changes to Piracy, space combat has also been changed dramatically, both in how weapons and shields function. While Space Combat is much harder overall, the addition of an auto-pilot option and NPC Squadrons AI to help the player, the game remains accessible to low end players who wish to take advantage of these options. In the previous update I missed, the Space Police, sentinels got an upgrade. 

As per the usual, I wait until Faster Scanning has been unlocked before starting a playthrough. Note that as new mods come out across the duration of the season, they will be added to this list, meaning VODs early in the season may not contain all the mods listed here, but rather this document will reflect the state I last play the game in for the season.

Quality of Life (aka Light to Mild Cheats):
gGame Scan 387a.pak (Reduce Scanner Time from 3 seconds to 0.2 Seconds) -
Inventory Stacks x10 larger -
Learn 5 Words at a Time (3, 10, 20 are optional as well) -
Timer Reductions for Atlas Path, Base Compunter, Living Ship, Fleet Expeditions, and Settlements) -
Better Ship Transfer and Teleport Ranges -

Visual/Performance Improvements:
Fast Actions and Small Cursor Combo File -
FPS Boost for Industrial Bases -

Plugins for Live-Streaming Clearly:

While technically out of date the No Pulsing Plasma, No Space Dust, No Speed Lines, No Ship Speed effect modules still work and clean up the visual clutter of the game greatly. While I don't have any problem with the visual design of No Man's Sky personally, live-streaming becomes a pixelated mess while flying around without these plugins due to Encoding Compression. By removing these clutter elements, live-streaming can be done mostly without the pixelation.