Skyrim Mod Loadout for use with Special Edition Release

Started with
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch  -
Alternate Start - Live Another Life -
The Paarthurnax Dilemma
Even Better Quest Objectives
Enhanced Distant Terrain
Map Markers
Map Markers Dragonborn

Added Later
Main Menu -
NO Guard Herlmet -
Immersive Sounds -

Self-Ported Classic Skyrim Mods
(some NSFW, need to use non-nude versions)
Better Males Body -

Added Later
Campfire -
Ineed -
Static Mesh Improvement Mod -
Brawl Bugs Patch -
Thunderchild -
Wildcat -
Imperious -

Added Later
Aurora Standing Stones of Skyrim
2K Texture Pack -

Added Later
People are Strangers -
Better Vampires -
Falskaar -
Sneak Tools -
Instant Mining -
Run For Your Lives Dragon Attack -
When Vampires Attack -
Skyrim Flora Overhaul -
Expanded Carriage Service -
JK's Riverwood -
JK's Whiterun -

Added Later
Thives Guild Bounty Cleaner -
Morrowind Style Soul Gems -
W.A.T.E.R. -
True Storms -
Enhanced Blood Textures -

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