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Skyrim SE - Video Update #1

I was going to get on a video here and tell you all about how I successfully played the Skyrim Special Edition version of Warzones for 20 hours with only 1 crash and how the Skyrim special edition has amazing stability. But honestly people have been reporting various issues since Bethesda’s too latest updates. So I’m going to hold back that general ringing and just say “it worked for me.”


The big news in the special edition is that a beta ENB has landed. 0.309, then updated to 0.310. This marks the beginning of being able to customize the visuals of Skyrim. Removing the color filter, things on that nature. And there are the usual stability benefits for using ENB overall. Users with less powerful PCs will want to go into the ENBlocal.ini file and turn speedhackwithoutgraphics to true so that they can get the benefits of ENB without the resource usage.

The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch -
Brawl Bugs Fix -
SkyUI -
Alternate Start - Live Another Life -
The Paarthurnax Dilemma -

Gameplay Overhaul
Races Overhaul -
Perks Overhaul -
Magic Overhgaul -
Combat Overhaul -
Standing Stones Overhaul -
Shouts Overhaul -

Survival Overhaul
Realstic Needs -
Campfire -