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No Man's Sky Modlist (Crossplay Update)

No Man's Sky was updated to allow for Universal Crossplay between PC, Xbox, and PS4. I'm using a Mod Loadout that works in Online Mode making the game much more fun while not breaking the online experience.

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Morrowind Multiplayer Run for 5-20-2020

A simple Mod Loadout is for OpenMW's TES3MP fork with the intent of a Multipalyer campaign with Kon and Dretch.

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Daggerfall Unity "Survival" Ladout for May 13 2020

After getting my new computer set up, I created a new install of Daggerfall Unity, grabbing the old save files from my previous computer. While this playthough does use the saves from the old Meaner Monsters loadout, the loadout has been expanded to add advanced armor degradation, a load of extra items and features including hunting and survival mechanics when traveling the wilderness.

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Let's Crash Oblivion with my Favorite Mods

The new computer's ready, but I'm not quite ready to do a new Skyrim Run or follow through on my original plans to create a concurrent Fallout 76 and Fallout 4 Horizon play.

We are still a few days away from recovering the data from my old hard drive to continue the Daggerfall Run we were doing, so let's break Oblivion with my favorite mods!

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Casual Morrowind Run while Main Computer is Down

My Main Computer's power supply fell down and went boom. We'll be getting a new one next month, in the meantime we are going to relax and play Morrowind.

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Animal Crossing: New Hellrazings (D4T+Isabelle)

The Animal Crossing-Doom Live-Stream I did on Twitch has been pushed to YouTube. Here is the Mod-List for it.
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Daggerfall Unity Meaner Monsters Modlist for March 4

A New Loadout for Daggerfall Unity featuring Meaner Monsters as a fun way of Dying Over and Over again! Yay!

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Elder Scrolls Online Modlist for Pre-Greymoor 2020

A very basic Mod List for ESO mostly to overhaul the look of interface and prevent spam.

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Legacy of the Dragonborn Genesis Loadout for End of Year 2019

This loadout combines a lot of quality of life features, with supported mods for Legacy of the Dragonborn, and finally Genesis increased Dungeon Spawns.

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Daggerfall Unity for 9/28/2019 "More Quests" Excessive Loadout

So for this Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall Loadout in the Unity Engine. A lot of the mods used in this like "Warm Ashes" and the "Quest Pack" need to be installed for a new playthrough or problems can occur. It's obviously experimental.
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Recent Daggerfall Unity Loadout for 9/13/2019

So for this Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall Loadout in the Unity Engine, The purpose of this loadout was to grab some DFU footage while testing the Warm Ashes mod. Warm Ashes is a ton of fun btw.

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Skyrim SE August 2019 "Waiting for Legacy v5 Bored Loadout"

Like many of my more recent loadouts, it uses Genesis and Sands of time, which are notorious for breaking breakthroughs, therefore this loadout is mostly "for the lols" and I'm planning on live-streaming a new character with it just for fun.

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Crafting/Survival/Exploration Loadout for Open Morrowind (OpenMW) @ March 30 2019

This Crafting, Survival, and Exploration loadout for OpenMW is open for testing. Bare in mind this Loadout for OpenMW carries some incompatible add-ons that will occasionally cause an odd water fountain to appear where it shouldn't be and things of that nature. -- Minor graphical problems in very select locations that shouldn't stop any gameplay from working properly.

In exchange we get basic survival mechanics, extra enemies, extra loot, extra landmass.

If you want a more "flawless" experience, remove Necessities of Morrowind and Morrowind Crafting and you'll get the same expanded world, same sets of enemies, same expanded loot, same rebalanced systems, but it will be missing the crafting and survival elements.

Even without the mentioned mods, a Mashed Patch is required, extremely easy, just open up Wrye Mash, to go File, and Create Patch. Enable it in the launcher, drag it to the bottom of the load order and you are done. It'll make sure all the mods that modify the drop tables are all able to add their entries to the list.

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Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Guide for New Players

So you where given Morrowind for free by Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls Anniversary? This is a simple guide to help you get started with OpenMW and a couple major Fix Mods for a (Mostly) vanilla experience. See the video below.
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Daggerfall Unity Loadout for early 2019

This simple loadout contains Daggerfall Unity and various mods for it. Daggerfall Unity is still in pre-alpha, that is to say it is NOT feature complete, although the Main Quest CAN be completed at present. If you check the Daggerfall Unity roadmap it is VERY close to completion, although some features like being a Werewolf do not function at present.

This loadout is more for just exploring the world and having fun with something that'll prolly break.

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Skyrim Special Edition Loadout for 2019 Start of Year

Titled "Crash and Burn" this loadout is packed with both Sands of Time and Genesis Spawns, although I opted out of Organized Bandits this time around. The combination of the two mentioned mods should be enough to keep thins unpredictable while I do a few other things.

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New Tale of Two Wastelands (3.2) Loadout

There aren't a lot of converted mods for Tale of Two Wastelands 3.0 yet, but it's getting there. Let's give the basic game a try and see what happens.

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Skyrim Special Edition Loadout for 10/2018

This load-out combines some of the best Legacy of the Dragonborn mods on the Special Edition, sadly some of them will never be ported like Wyrmstooth or the Accoutrements mod. So this loadout is inherently inferior to Legendary Edition loadouts.

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Fallout 3: New Vegas Mod Loadout for TTW 2.9.4b

Tale of Two Wastelands is a Mod/Program that takes all the Fallout 3 data and ports it into the New Vegas game, allowing the player to play both games on a single character and get the New Vegas Enhancements inside Fallout 3.

Requires Fallout 3 AND New Vegas

TTW Main & Hotfixes Downloads:
New Vegas Script Extender -

Project Nevada Extra Options -
Project Nevada TTW Extra Patch -

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Oblivion Mod Loadout for 9/2018

As per the suggestions of a few people, I've left out a few mods that may have been causing problems with my last loadout. Otherwise this is just the same, Maskar's with the usual city and landscape mods. Using Oblivion XP to handle levelups.

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