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Some Elder Scrolls Online Mods of note

This quick mod list for the Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. It contains a basic set of quality-of-life mods for player use.
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OpenMW Morrowind Loadout for Exploration, Crafting and More

Today we are trying a mod loadout that is most likely not compatible. I've done everything in my power to smooth over the issues created by using a lot of these mods together. So just for fun, let's try to play with all these mods on at once and see what happens!

Spoilers: It's probably going have some issues.

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Warframe: Gara is Best Girl! | How to Play Gara | Build & Guide

In the game Warframe you take control of cyber-organic space ninjas know as the titular Warframes. The Gara Warframe is a tanky, defensive, Crowd Control, AoE DPS Warframe and one of the best
frames in the game. Gara's skills synergize with each-other in Combos.

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Torchlight 2 Mod List

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Skyrim LE | Aldmeri Noble - Legacy of the Dragonborn

Thanks everyone on the YouTube thread for the feedback. We are still going Thalmor, but not Thalmor. Yes, the Aldmeri Noble. All the snootiness of a Thalmor and then some. The objective of this perticular run is to start as a human hating High Elf and evolve the character into a Dragonborn who is the enemy of the Thalmor due to the Thalmor fearing his power, which will happen as a natural course of the game. Now, as the old saying goes: "The Enemy of my Enemy is my Pawn." and so the Nords will become his pawns.

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Skyrim SE Loadout for Legacy of the Dragonborn v3

This loadout is a little more complete than the previous Legacy of the Dragonborn Loadout as far as supported mods go. Although still pales compared to the original edition due to the limited mod selection.

Lacking Campfire and Frostfall because at the time of making this they break when detecting the Skyrim Script Extender 64 bit edition. Using Realistic Needs and Diseases due to maximum compatibility.

If you are looking for altered game rules via Wrye Bash, check the bottom of the page.

Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn -
Legacy Supported Mods
Moonpath -
Alternate Start -
Skyrim Unique Treasures -
Grey Cowl -
Helgen Reborn -
Falskaar -
Atherium Armor and Weapons -
Wheels of Lull -
Morrowloot -
Hunterborn -
Legacy Patch Mods
Artifacts of Skyrim -
Cloaks of Skyrim -
Ravengate Arena -
Amulets of Skyrim -
Artificer -
Cutting Room Floor -
Immersive Armors -
Immersive Sounds -
Mystic Condenser -
Moon and Star -
Oblivion Artifact Pack -
Places and Castles Enhanced -
Path of Revenant -
Skyrim Alchemy and Food Overhaul -
Skyrim Underground -
Undeath -
Vigilant -
Basic System Overhauls
SKSE64 -
DLL Loader -
SkyUI -
Skill Uncapper -
Unofficial Skyrim Patch -
New Skyrim Logos -
Immersive Hud -
Achievements Enabler (SKSE64 Version) -
Better Dialogue Controls -
Better Message Box Controls -
Disable Bethesda Logo to Load Faster -
Sovengarde Font Replacer -
Unoffical Skyrim Patch -
Quality World Map (Vivid with Stone Roads Version) -
Map Markers Complete -
Pastel Map Markers -
Amazing Follower Tweaks -
Instant Mining - Instant Mining -
Proper Aiming -
Get Up Faster -
Carry Weight Modifier x3 -
Civilians Run from Dragon & Vampire Attacks -
Harvest Overhaul -
Coins of Tamriel -
Currency Exchange -
Gameplay Overhauls
Ordinator Perks -
Imperious Races -
Summermyst Enchantments -
Apocalypse Magic -
Thunderchild Shouts -
Aurora Standing Stones -
Wildcat Combat -
Spectraverse Quests -
Dewmertech Quests -
World NPC Overhauls 
Interesting NPCs -
Populated Skyrim: The Hell -
Genesis Unleashed: Dungeon Encounters - NOTE: Genesis currently causes a Bandits passive if you join Dark Brotherhood Bug, do not use.
Immersive Wenches -
Deadly Wenches -
Enhanced Mighty Dragons -
Vampire Mods
Better Vampires (and Sacrosanct Patch) -
Sacrosanct Vampires -
Humanoid Vampires -
Fangs and Eyes -
Sensuous Serana -
Better Vampire NPCs -
Castle Volkihar Redux -
Other Mods
Static Mesh Improvement Mod -
Realistic Water -
Enhanced Blood -
Bring out your dead -
Immersive Jewelry -
Paarthurnax -
Undeath Immersive Lichdom -
Vigilant English Voice -
Less Tedious Thieves Guild -
Pretty Face Men & Women -
Ks Hairdos -
Seraphim Body Replacer (SFW version) -
Seraphim Skimpy Armor Replacer -
XxAwesome_PotionsxX -
Pretty Female Idles -
Opulent Outfits -
Colovian Fur Clothes -
Skyhide (No Helmets) -
Morrowind like-Soul Gems -
Tavern Games -
I'm a Customer Dammit -

Make sure in Wrye Bash when creating the bashed patch to go to the sidebar and add Delev and Relev to Coins of Tamriel so it can affect the leveled lists.

This will replace most gold in Nordic and Dwemer Ruins with local, period specific coins.

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Oblivion Medium Loadout for Better Cities, Unique Landscapes, Maskar's and More!

I'm excited to try out this loadout because it contains a Daggerfall-Like Religion Mod on top of my favorite hits. Unlike my Fcom or Previous Lite Loadouts this does NOT contain a De-Levelled world and Osuros Oblivion Overhaul is not in use. But Maskar's makes up for that.
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Skyrim SE - Legacy of the Dragonborn Revised List 1

This is a mod loadout for the Legacy of the Dragonborn Gallery BETA. Let's see how hard I can break the game.

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Lord Woodborne's TES3MP (Morrowind Multiplayer) Loadout

Official Addons:
Unoffical Patch:
Tamriel Data:
Tamriel Rebuilt:
Tamriel Rebuilt Guilds Unified:
Provice Cyrodiil:
Skyrim Home of the Nords:
NPCs Treat Vampires as Normal:
Morrowind Rebirth:
The Hostiles:

Animation Copilation:

Real Signposts:
Long Live the Glassware:
Long Live the Limeware:
Long Live the Plates:

Speed and Stamina:
No Arrow Weight:
Delayed Dark Brotherhood Attack V2:

Better Almalexia:
Darknut's Little Weapons Mod Complete:
Darknut's Creature Textures (Install BEFORE Divine Dagoth Ur):
Divine Dagoth Ur:
Vivec Voice Addon:
Almalexia Voice:
Dagoth Ur Voice:

Shiny Septims:

Better Bodies:
Better Heads:
Better Armor:
Better Clothes:
More Better Clothes:
Better Clothes Bloodmoon Plus:
Ket's Potions and Beverages Rexture:
New Black Hand's Dagger:
New Widomaker:
New Lord's mail:
New boots of blinding speed:
New Fists of Randagulf:
New Bow of Shadows:
New Veloth's Judgement:
New Umbra:
New Bloodworm Helm:
Blessed be the Saints:
Morrowind Pillow Replacer MPR:

Easy Camping:
Optional, Not used:

**Morrwind Comes Alive:
***Improved Needs Mod:
***Wealth Within Measure:
***Improved Gold Weight:
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Skyrim SE Mod Loadout for Warzones & Sands of Time

This is a Skyrim SE Mod Loadout built around the use of Warzones. It is by no means complete and may be a crashy, buggy, mess. That's why we are going to live-stream the hell out of it and play for fun!

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Fallout 4 Mod Loadout for Sim Settlements Horizon Survival /w Nora

Based around the Nora Follower combined with Horizon Survival and Sim Settlements, this Fallout 4 is based on settlement building, although several Skimpy Female Armor mods are Optional, the Sexy Handcock mod is not.

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Skyrim (Non-SE) Undenfied Mod Loadout 6/24/2017

Unofficial Legendary Patch -
Community Uncapper -
SkyUI -
ExtendedUI -
UI Extensions -
JContainers -
DienesTools -
Extensible Follower Framework -
MoreHUD -
Dual Wield Parrying -
IActivate -
Racemenu -
Racemenu Precache Killer -
Proper Aiming -
Additem Menu -
Alternate Start Live Another Life -
New Beginnings - Alternate Start Mondule -

Better Message Box Controls -
Jaxonz Named Save -
Jaxonz Positioner -
Jaxonz Real Names -
People are Strangers -
Lock Overhaul -
Wearable Lanterns -
Follower Trap Safety -

Campfire (Camping Survival) -
Frostfall (Weather Survival) -
Last Seed (Hunger/Thirst) -
Hunterborn (Hunting/Skinning) -
Complete Crafting Overhaul -
Thalmor Justiciars Headquarters Actually are Thalmor -
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim -
Static Mesh Improvement Mod -
Scarcity -
You Hunger -
Trade and Barter -
Currency Exchange -
Higher Bounty for Crimes -
Book of Silence (weapon/armor models) -
You prolly don't want to use this one:
Populated Roads -
Skyrim Immersive Creatures -
Genesis Dynamic Spawns -
Genesis SIC Patch -

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Fallout 4 Mod List #4 for no reason

A more survival orientated version of Fallout 4 with an emphasis on settlement building, but allowing settlers to build for themselves. Uses the Horizon framework for Fallout 4. Although several Skimpy Female Armor mods are Optional, the Sexy Handcock mod is not.

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"Nothing Special Here" Skyrim Special Edition Loadout.

This is a moderate load-out for the Skyrim Special Edition that focuses on quality of life tweaks while also making sure the game is slightly less generous with loot. It contains survival and camping elements as well.

The economy is still very breakable with alchemy or other crafting, which is why the character I'm using this on will be having some restrictions in place.

Due to some controversy regarding "Skimpy Armor mods" being bad, I've gone out of my way to ensure this contains Skimpy armor for females, sadly Skimpy Armor for males as straight-up "SFW" armor replaces (not additional items) are not yet available for the special edition, please inform me when this changes.

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Elder Scrolls Lore Video - Morrowind History & The Living Gods

This Elder Scrolls Lore Video was recorded about 3 weeks ago, edited by Thomas and put up to be a continuation on my previous Lore episodes. A lot of people wanted to know the basic lore of Morrowind without having to play it, this basically covers that.

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Cartoon Skyrim Mod Loadout

This was a quick skyrim loadout for the purposes of having a stylized Skyrim that looked like a cartoon.
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Skyrim SE Test Mod Loadout for Vampire Play

This experimental Mod Loadout is bound to be revised eventually as more mods come out for the Skyrim SE. That said, I've wanted to do a playthrough like this for a while, and even though Trade and Barter isn't usable at this time, it's something I'd like to try regardless,

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Skyrim Special Edition Mods Update #3

Another few weeks means another load of mods converted or produced for the Skyrim Special Edition. At this point it's not quite far enough for me to start doing major plays on, but it's getting there.
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Skyrim Special Edition Mods Update #2

The Second Mod-List Update regarding Skyrim's Special Edition. Mods have come out that change the gaming landscape a little bit, although not quite to the satisfaction of the original game. Here are the updates:
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Fallout 4: War For the Commonwealth Mod List

The War of the Commonwealth Mod Loadout is designed specially to cater to an action-oriented style of play-through that forgoes a lot of things like Lockpicking and Hacking in favor of an all out war between the various factions where sneaking isn't just a good thing to have in the beginning. Anyway, check out the video below for more details. Yes, this includes a few lewd mods because I'm a pervert and I don't take Fallout 4 seriously.

Must Have Mods:

Fallout 4 Script Extender:
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch:
Enable Acheivements with Mods on:
Enable Command Console in Survival:
Unlimited Survival Activations:
Survival Options (load last):
Valdacil's Item Sorting:
Fallout Dialogue Interface:
Improved Map /w Visible Roads:
Better Wait Menu:
People Are Strangers:
Don’t Call Me Settler:
Wasteland Imports (Fallout 3/NV stuff):
Commonwealth Challanges:
The Collector’s Guides:
Unique Uniques:

War of the Commonwealth

Fallout 4 - Alternate Start

Quests & Content

Subway Runner:
Maxwell’s World:
Tales from the Commonwealth:

Expanded Abilities & Quality of Life:

Colorful Survival Icon:
Immersive Water Bottle Recycling:
Able to Lock Doors & Containers:
Faster Terminal Displays:

Game Overhauls and Rebalances:

Craftable Ammo:
Armor & Weapons Keyword Framework:
Armorsmith Extended (Get Extended & All DLCs Patch):
Cross Cosmetic Framework:
Cross Pre-War Cybernetics (Mini-Power Armor):
Cross Exo-Frame:
Cross Jet-Pack:
Durable Vertiberds:
Have Dogmeat /w a Follower:
Quiet Dogmeat Paws:
Configurable Power Armor Fusion Core Power Drain:
Perks Unleased:
Carryweight Modifications:
Companion Infinite Ammo & Unbrekalabe Power Armor:
Easier Lockpicking/Hacking:
No Companion Affinity Cooldown:
Unnaked Power Armor:
Vault 81 MoleRat Disease Immunity in Power-Armor:
Pre-War Safes Don’t have Post-War Weapons:

Settlement Mods:

Homemaker Settlement Objects Expanded:
Spring Cleaning:
Quiet Settlements:
More Guard Posts:
Immersive Travel:
Place Anywhere:

Graphics & Environment

True Storms:
Seasons of Fallout:
Elianora’s Faction Housing:
Enhanced Blood Textures:
Compact Jetpack:
Bobblegirl (Bobblehead Mod):
Ammo Rexture:
Bobbypin Retexture:
Bottle Label Overhaul:
Realstic Pre-War Money:
Weathered First-Aid Kits:
Retextured Chems:

Other, Misc, & Perverted Mods

Silent Protagnast:
Silent Player Atomatron:
Silent Player Far Harbor:
Silent Player Nuka World:
Better Male Chest:
Black Leather Armor for men:
CBBE Female Body Mod (Use Never-Nude Preset):
2pac’s CBBE Skimpy Armors:
CBBE’s Bodyslide Outfit Studio:
Customizable Leotard:
Mostly Female NPCs (Brotherhood Module):
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