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2023 OpenMW Morrowind Loadout for Mainland Nonsense and Misc Fun!

This is a mostly experimental mod loadout for fun. I don't have any expectations of this working out well, and I'm doing several things to make things easier while also kneecaping some of the potential of the build. It'll be a weird, non-standard run with no overt goal outside of "Side With the Tribunal Until the Main Quest is Over, then all bets are off."

Morrowind Rebirth (Using Main and Mercenaries, disabled Birthsigns, Races, Game Settings, and Tools ESPs | Enabled optional Patch Project 1.6.6 and Province Cyrodiil patches) -
UMOPP Naturalized -
Solthas Combat Pack -
Smart Ammo -
Timescale by Half -
Pickpocket Rebalance -
Pursuit -
Morrowind Optimzation Patch -
Multi Mark and Recall -
Weapon Sheathing -
Audiobooks of Morrowind -
Scroll Enchanting -
Signpost Fast Travel -
Dynamic Music -
Daggerfall Music -
Tamriel Rebuilt Sound Track -
Black Soul Gems -
Immersive Combat Sounds -
Imperial Factions -
Imperial Legion Expansion -
Imperial Knights -
Religions Elaborated -
Astrolian’s Guild -
Havish -
Havish Moved -
Tel Meskoa Tell Matouigius Ev -
Silent Island -
Lords of Rebirth -
OAAB Shipwrecks -
Secrets of the Crystal City -
Creatures RP -
Perfumed Vampires -
No Witness No Bounty -
Real TK -
Booze -
Wears Ultimate:
Backpack Wears -
Tabletop Alchemy -
Expansion Delay -
Portable Home (Yurt) -
Divine Domina -
Tamriel Data -
Tamriel Rebuilt -
Easier Ohmonir -
Tomb of the Snow Prince -
Skyrim Home of the Nords -
Province Cyrodiil -
OAAB Data -
Immersive Mornhold -
Sotha Sil Expanded -
Sotha Sil Expanded OpenMW Patch -
Doors of Oblivion -
Wyrmhaven -
Tel Eurus -
Enhanced Textures -
Normalmaps for everything -
AIO Normamaps -
I lava Good -
Vurt’s Lava and Smoke -
Roberts Bodies -
Weastly’s Faces Refurbished -
Khajit Head Pack -
New Beast Bodies -
Simply Walking -
Better Clothes -
Better Clothes Shoe Fix -
Better Robes -
Better Robes TR Patch -
Blank Glow Maps for Robes -
Shoe Pack -
Alamalexia Voice -
Vivec Voice -
Dagoth Ur Voice (Fixed version) -
Better Alamalexia -
Better Azura -
Better Vivec -
Graphic Herbalism -
Animated Containers -
Ingreant Mesh -
Better Skulls -
Better Limeware -
Better Glassware -
Better Plates -
Better Beds -
Better Kegstands -
Better Eggs and Egg sacs -
Better Shrines -
Better Urns -
Better Potions and Drinks -
Better Furniture -
Better Coins -
Better Sacs -
Better Jewlery Replacers -
Greetings for Nolore -
LGNPC Dialogue Only -
Fatigue, Speed, Carryweight Rebalance -
Time Date Display -
Welcome to the Arena (disable ESP) -
Welcome to the Arena (OpenMW Patch) -
Narrated Intro By Fargoth -
Protective Guards -
Weightless Alchemy -
Openmw Better Heads Fix -
Darknuts Greater Dewmer Ruins -
More Modern Darknut Dewmer Rebirth Patch -
The Hostiles -
Morrowind Advanced -
Carryable Containers -
Persuasive Speech -
Fishing -

X4 Foundations (Kingdom's End Expansion) Mod List for Casual Play

This is a very simple mod list for X4 foundations. I can't guarantee it'll work without breaking, but this page exists for people who ask: "What mods are you using?"

Fallout: Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3 for 2023

This Mod Loadout for Fallout New Vegas combines Fallout 3 and New Vegas into a single video game. You will start off in the Capital Wasteland like normal and play through Fallout 3 and it's DLCs. While Fallout 3 will benefit greatly from Fallout New Vega's feature set and additions, it will remain Fallout 3 and the goal of it will be to travel to New Vegas once your job in the Capital Wasteland is complete.

After you finish up and take transportation to Nevada, there will be a time skip. You will be shot in the head, reset to level 1, have your gear stolen, and start Fallout: New Vegas as the Courier. You will keep all Quest Based Perks, Cyberware Enhancements and so on and you can earn your stuff back by confronting Benny, the goal of early New Vegas. 

Strictly in New Vegas content, the Living Desert and Functional Post Game Ending mean that New Vegas will continue after it's ending, change based on your decisions, and the DLCs can be better accessed then as Epilogue to the courier's story.

Break it Early Oblivion Mod List for 2023

 In this loadout I intend on breaking Oblivion with a Spellblade type character sort of. I haven't played Oblivion in 4+ years.

Gruff Link - Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2023


Link but he has a beard. Minor tweaks to gameplay, playing with Master Mode enemy spawns.

Minecraft 2017 version in 2023

Today we are running a modified version of the masochistic modpack, RLCraft. We've modified RLCraft with a setting to keep our inventory on death, server cheats so we can kill ourselves instantly when we spawn in a bad place and teleport out of horrible situations that didn't kill us, and we added a Minimap. RLCraft does have it's own map, but it's infinitely worse (on purpose).

Daggerfall Loadout for 12/2022

The Sas-i Daggerfall Loadout. You do NOT need to download Daggerfall from Steam or GOG to play this.

StarWind Total Conversion for Morrowind Loadout


This is a simple loadout for the Elder scrolls 3 Morrowind Total Conversion known as Starwind. It focuses on simple quality of life updates.

Daggerfall Unity: Enemy Expansion Loadout for Aug 30 2022

Unlike most load-outs online, this does not use of D.R.E.A.M. and instead focuses on more content and performance over improved graphics. Difficulty wise this aims to be a middle of the road loadout for experienced players. 

Torchlight 1 Modlist For a Fun Alchemist Play-through


After Making Diablo 2's expansion pack, Blizzard North departed Blizzard Entertainment and turned Flagship Studios into a industry term, the failure of Hellgate London would be known for the next decade as being Flagshipped, which is unfortunate since the game had real potential lost within mediocre level design, as well as techincal and billing issues. After that, the remainder formed Runic and made Torchlight, a functional remake of Diablo 1, although trading the cold Gothic atmosphere for an upbeat fantasy adventure theme.

No Man's Sky Outlaws (Season 6: Blighted) Mod List

The Outlaw's Update to No Man's Sky adds the ability to join a Space Pirate faction and do less than legal activities with Fake Passports and other smuggling related equipment. Season 6 of No Man's Sky events adds the Blighted event, where there is a specific faction of Pirates known as the Blighted, lasting 6 weeks, the Blighted will unlock rewards you can use on your non-seasonal save files.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Zelda's Ballad + Hyrule Rebalance

While I own Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch, I went ahead and got it for the WiiU for one simple reason: MODDING. While the Cemu emulator for the WiiU console allows better graphical options and 144 FPS outside of cut-scenes, that's not the best part; which is a is a selection of mods that both makes the game easier and harder in various ways.

The main stars are the Hyrule Rebalance mod which changes the way much of the game functions mostly to make the game harder, including greatly limiting the use of the flurry rush. Meanwhile a verity of hacks change minor aspects of the game for the easier.

Just to be funny, Zelda's Ballad is being used, replacing Link with Zelda. Not just a model replacer, it changes some text dialogue as well. Don't think about it too hard if doesn't make sense, because it's not meant to.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Mod List

It's been a couple years since Bloodstained Ritual of the Night came out as the Spiritual Successor to Casltevania: Symphony of the Night. Contrary to that statement, game-play wise, Ritual of the Night is actually a Supercut of the creator's best ideas from the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS games, appended onto Symphony of the Night's general level and story structure. I wouldn't call it a perfect game, but it's a lot of fun.

 This Mod Load Out re-balances the game to be played on Hard difficulty. You can skip directly to hard by creating a save file with the name NIGHTMARE.  The load out unlikely to change as the modding community has more or less settled down since the game came out.

Mod List: No Man's Sky Season 3 - Cartographer's Expedition and Frontier's Update

I purposefully waited on playing No Man's Sky when the Frontier's Update came out for two reasons. First to allow the new Season 3 to start and secondly to allow mods to be updated for the new version. Here are some of them:

No Man's Sky December 2020 "Next Gen" Origins Loadout

This loadout is a straight-up continuation on my previous Origins Playthrough. Most of the time I tned to restart NMS on major updates, but this time I'll just stick with the previous episodes I've already put up on YouTube:

Altmer Noble Celril | Legacy of the Dragonborn | Linux Test (Skyrim SE)

This loadout takes advantage of ESL flagged files to have over 440 plugins. While there is no Genesis or Sands of time in this loadout (yet), I expect it to crash and burn eventually considering the number of files running in it.

Not only does it contain almost all of the supported Legacy of the Draognborn V5 mods, but it also contains various game-play overhauls. There are no ENBs or major graphical enhancements other than textures and re-meshes. The loadout has over a dozen new lands, hundreds of new quests, thousands of new items, and many, many changes to skills and overall game-play. Again, I expect it to explode.

To top it off we are NOT running this in Windows.

Daggerfall Unity Roads Test Load-out Adjustment for 9/24/2020

Tedious Travel has been replaced by Travel Options, which not only gives you the choice between instant fast travel or time accelerated travel like 
Tedious Travel uses, but it also has integration with the test build for Basic Roads 0.5. So that's what we'll be doing this round, is testing roads in Daggerfall.