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The Wife and I play World of Warcraft

My wife and I created two Tauren characters on Illidian (US) a couple weeks back. We are going to record our progress on these characters so we can look back, and of course share them on our Youtube channel.

We are going to play super-casually, but record everything. It's a fun side-project to do every couple weeks.  She's made a Druid healer named Dawningmoon and I've made a Paladin tank named Dawningstar.

Between sessions I'll work on our Leatherworking and Blacksmithing, there's no reason to bore viewers with that crap, but actual leveling, quests, and dungeons will be recorded for fun. We have an open-mic setup that will ensure our occasional remarks are heard, although really, it's an mmorpg...

The audio quality for our first session (Videos 1-3) will be bad although we've learned from our mistakes and future weeks will be better.