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The True definition of "Maxxinista" and why poorly chosen marketing terms are your worst enemy.

Maxxinista [Max En E-sta]

1. A woman who uses maxi pads on a regular basis.
2. A woman who wears maxi pads while shopping at T.J.Maxx

"She is a total maxxinista!"

Because of this it is natural to equate the term Maxxinista with a bleeding woman who often suffers from cramps and mood swrings. For details view this video:

Seriously people there's nothing wrong with T.J.Maxx nor with the natural bodily function of menstruation. However, to you T.J.Maxx marketing people: come up with a better advertising campaign.

Out of civility I won't threaten to personally kill anyone who uses that term out loud in my presence, but it's one of those words you want to avoid like the plague lest people judge you for the shallow soulless husk of a human being you are.