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new Skyrim run incoming

I've been experimenting with the Skyrim redone mod  and the special perk trees that come with it. The next run will involve a brawling character who starts off as a foresworn.

The primary weapon that the brawling character uses simply her fist, supported by an offhand shield for blocking.

Failure to properly utilize shield ends up in a quick death. Proper use of the shield results in a timed block that will stun the enemy. Enemy spell casters need to be interrupted with a bash.

Proper use of the fist attack will drain stamina in addition to health, knocking down enemies, and more. Specialising far nothing to hand to hand combat will result in the Sorcerer's fist perk,  with which you can place enchants on your fists.

What kind of difficulty mods I'm going to be using,  a lot of quick deaths and retrying. In other words, fun!