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Games Checklist

Time is always short, and when it is of always looking to play some quick games. Here I've got a list of the ones I plan to play quickly and throw onto my super short runs list.

Surgeon Simulator
Dream Pinball 3D
Doom 3 BFG Edition

Surgeon simulator lets you play is the worst surgeon in the world, struggling to keep them alive with only one hand.

Dream Pinball I got on a 90% off coupon, it's worth a try.

Symphony is the vertical shooter version of audio surf.  Play your music!

Doom 3 BFG is really just all the doom games; if you think I won't be modding these you're insane.

Wishlist: Assassins Creed: Black Flag

I see my friends play it, its grand theft sailboat.  There is no better way to describe it. Someday, will be a steam sale and I won't feel like a complete jack ass shelling out $60 for a game I'll hardly play... nope nope.

Which games do think I should power through, really quick?

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