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Skyrim Build - Hunter of Virtuous Blood

Modlist for the Live-Stream on my Channel.

Automatic Crossbow:
Arrow Recovery System:
Explosive Bolts Visualized:
Knock to Tip:
Better Archery:
Proper Aiming:
Lock Overhaul:
Immersive Spacecraft:
The Eloquent Reader:
Wearable Lanterns:
Alternate Start:
Extensible Follower Framework:
Followers as Companions:

The Overhaul:
Perkus Maximus: (Waaaahhhh I don't want to use a Skyproc patcher, GET OVER IT KID! Requiem and Perkus are the best overhauls right now BY FAR.)
Perkus Patches:

Other Mods:
Awesome Loading Screen:
Better Males (non-nude download option):

Used in every Loadout: