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Relic Hunter Mod Loadout

With a new computer comes a new Relic Hunter run, or an attempt there-at. Here is the current loadout for said Relic Hunter. The centerpiece of the run is the mod: Legacy of the Dragonborn.

1 - Install SKSE: into your main skyrim folder.

Create an SKSE folder inside if your Skyrim/DATA folder.
Create a text file called: SKSE.ini make sure to delete any .txt that is added on the end. Make sure your computer is not hiding extensions.
Add the following to SKSE.ini that you created:

2 - Install ENB Version 3.05 - into your main skyrim folder.
3 - Install ENBOOST Anti-Crash Patch - Into your main skyrim folder.
Optional: If you don't have a strong computer, go into enblocal.ini and set UseSpeedHackWithoutGraphics to True, this will give you all the memory enhancements of ENB without changing the graphics.
4 - Use Mod Organizer:
5 - Sort your Load Order /w Load Order Optimization Tool:
6 - Use Wrye Bash:
7 - Use Requiem's Patcher:

Core Mods

Unoffical Legendary Patch -
Extensible Follower Framework -
No More Boring Sleep Wait Menu -
Immersive First Person View -
Better Message Box Controls -
No More Glow with Armor Spells -

Survival & World Tweak Mods

Realistic Needs and Diseases VERSION TWO -
Realistic Needs and Diseases TWO Requiem Patch -
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim -
Requiem Survival Experience -

Echnomy, Events, & Tasks

All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently -
Black Horse Courier Reborn -

Character Mods

Caliente’s Body Mod - CBBE (Select the Non-Nude Version) -
Better Males (Select the Non-Nude Version) -
Superior Lore-Friendly Hair -
CBBE Killer Keos Skimpy Armor -
Imperious Races of Skyrim -

Combat Mods

Visual Overhauls

RealVision ENB (Medium Preset /w Fantasy, use autoinstaller program to fix INIs) -
Imaginator (+15 Saturation, +15 Contrast, +1 Low Bloom, +0.2 Cool Midnight, +0.1 Warm Desaturation)  -

Bethesda replace /w Dreamcast -

Tamriel Reloaded Texture Pack (Follow instructions closely) -
Realstic Lighting Overhaul -
Enhanced Blood Textures -
Realistic Smoke and Embers -
Ruffled Feather (W.A.T.E.R.) -
Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2k -
Better Mage Robe Textures -
Book of Silence (Better Textures) -

Adventures & Collectables

Atherium Weapons and Armor -
Cloaks for Requiem Complete -
Knights of the Nine Battlemage -
Undeath Immersive Lichdom -

Improved Land

Immersive College of Winterhold -
Legendary Cities (Elder Scrolls 1) -

Organized Bandits in Skyrim -
Monster Mod (Use Loremonger version and Loremonger Patch) -

Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul -
Clothing and Clutter Fixes -
Complete Crafting Overhaul -
Timing is Everything Patch -

Alternate Start: Live Another Life -