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Skyrim SE Test Mod Loadout for Vampire Play

This experimental Mod Loadout is bound to be revised eventually as more mods come out for the Skyrim SE. That said, I've wanted to do a playthrough like this for a while, and even though Trade and Barter isn't usable at this time, it's something I'd like to try regardless,

Skyrim Unofficial Patch -
SkyUI -
Alternate Start Live Another Life -
Alternate Start Extensions -
Morrowind Game Music -
Main Menu Replacer -
Better Message Box Controls -
Better Dialogue Controls -
Ordinator Perks of Skyrim -
Imperious Races of Skyrim -
Smilodon Combat -
Apocalypse Magic (+Ordinator Patch) -
Summermyst Enchantments -
Thunderchild Shouts -
Aurora Standing Stones -
Sacrosanct Vampires -
Better Vampires 7.9 SE (INSTALL Sacrosanct Patch from Files Section)
Predator Vision -
Immersive Sounds -
Immersive Patrols -
Immersive Wenches -
Deadly Wenches -
Amazing Follower Tweaks -
Follower Trap Safty -
NPCs run and walk at your pace -
Run for Your Lives -
Campfire Complete Camping System -
Notice Board Quests -
Expanded Carriage Service -
Hold Border Banners -
High King of Skyrim -
JK Whiterun -
JK Riverwood -
Currency Exchange (+ Coins of Tamriel + Immersive Jewelry patches) -
Coins of Tamriel (Hardcore version) -
Septims have Weight (light version) -
Morrowloot Ultimate (+ Immersive Armors/Summermyst/Unique Uniques Patchs) -
Unique Uniques -
Immersive Armors -
Immersive Jewelery -
Bandoliers, Bags and Pouches -
Winter is Coming Cloaks -
Colovian Noble Clothes -
Opulent Outfits (UNP Version) -
Apachii SkyHair -
UNP Body (SFW version) -
UNP Armors (SFW + Immersive Armors) -
Victoria's High Heel Walk -
Feminine Females -
Pretty Female Idles -
Poor Nazeem -
Tavern Games -
Helgen Reborn -
Bring out your dead -
Diverse Guards -
Harvest Overhaul -

Converted Manually
Download manually, extract/install into your data folder.

Later Removed 
UNP body and Armors mods

Later Added
Seraphim Female Body (Use SFW version) -
Kable Children (+ RS Children Patch) -