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Fallout 4 Mod List #4 for no reason

A more survival orientated version of Fallout 4 with an emphasis on settlement building, but allowing settlers to build for themselves. Uses the Horizon framework for Fallout 4. Although several Skimpy Female Armor mods are Optional, the Sexy Handcock mod is not.

Fallout 4 Script Extender:
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch:
Enable Acheivements with Mods on:
Survival Unlocker:
Unlimited Survival Activations:
Fallout Dialogue Interface:
Improved Map /w Visible Roads:
Floating Health Bars -
People Are Strangers:
Wasteland Imports (Fallout 3/NV stuff):
Commonwealth Challanges:
The Collector’s Guides:
Some Assembly Required (Power Armor Overhaul /w X-02 Patch) -
No NPC Greetings -
Craftable Ammo:
Armor & Weapons Keyword Framework:
Armorsmith Extended (Get Extended & All DLCs Patch):
Durable Vertiberds:
Carryweight Modifications:
Companion Infinite Ammo & Unbrekalabe Power Armor:
Easier Lockpicking/Hacking:
No Companion Affinity Cooldown:
Unnaked Power Armor:
Vault 81 MoleRat Disease Immunity in Power-Armor:
Pre-War Safes Don’t have Post-War Weapons:
Killable Children ALL DLCs -

Quests and Content
Beattown Interiors:
Maxwell’s World:
Tales from the Commonwealth:

Graphics and Environment
True Storms:
Seasons of Fallout:
Elianora’s Faction Housing:
Enhanced Blood Textures:
Compact Jetpack:
Bobblegirl (Bobblehead Mod):
Ammo Rexture:
Bobbypin Retexture:
Bottle Label Overhaul:
Realstic Pre-War Money:
Weathered First-Aid Kits:
Retextured Chems:

Followers, NPCs, and Equipment 
Dustworth Eyebot Follower -
Gastly's Goul Eye Textures -
Sexy Male Ghoul: Handcock -
CBBE Female Body Mod (Use Never-Nude Preset):
2pac’s CBBE Skimpy Armors:
CBBE’s Bodyslide Outfit Studio:
Customizable Leotard:
Mostly Female NPCs (Brotherhood Module Only):
Better Idles (Select Male Plugin) -
Better Female Walk -
Female Animations (install files separately) -
Lots More Facial Hair -

NCR Ranger Armor -
FTO Power Armor T-60 -
X-02 Power Armor -
Cross Cosmetic Framework:
Cross Pre-War Cybernetics (Mini-Power Armor):
Cross Exo-Frame:
Cross Jet-Pack:

Survival and Settlements
Horizon (put near the END of the load order) -
Immersive Water Bottle Recycling:
Able to Lock Doors & Containers:
Faster Terminal Displays:
No Fire Barrel -