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Recent Daggerfall Unity Loadout for 9/13/2019

So for this Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall Loadout in the Unity Engine, The purpose of this loadout was to grab some DFU footage while testing the Warm Ashes mod. Warm Ashes is a ton of fun btw.

First Download and Install Daggerfall into any directory you want.

Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall Base Game for Free (DaggerfallSetup):

Next, Install Daggerfall Unity into the same Folder.
Daggerfall Unity Engine -

To play the game, Run Daggerfall Unity's exe instead of regular Daggerfall from the Daggerfall Folder. Additionally be sure to go to the Advanced Options menu on the launcher and configure the game to your specs.

Almost ALL mods are installed into the following Folder in .DFMOD format: 

A FEW mods may have alternate installation instructions, but most are single files packaged in .DFMOD format that go in the above folder.

Mods I use in my playthrough:
Mountains and Hills Landscape Mod -
Distant Terrain -
Click on Beds to Sleep -
Enhanced Sky -
World Map Replacer -
No Crickets at Night -

Archaeologists Mod (New Faction)

Silly but fun Airship mod in early production:

Optional, will change your experience massively:
Real Time Fast Travel -

Can make the game harder but more fun, works great with Real Time Fast Travel:

D.R.E.A.M. overhauls textures, NPCs, and more. Unlike Normal Daggerfall Unity this has HIGH system requirements, do not install unless you have a good system: