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X4 Foundations (Kingdom's End Expansion) Mod List for Casual Play

This is a very simple mod list for X4 foundations. I can't guarantee it'll work without breaking, but this page exists for people who ask: "What mods are you using?"

(It requires all the expansions up to and including Kingdom's End. You can likely pick out individual mods from the list that do not.)

For those wondering why I'm playing this the short answer is Starfield research, playing other Space Games. I'll eventually get to streaming Underspace and Freelancer. But mostly I'd like a varied set of experiences going into Starfield able to compare and contrast features and be disappointed and/or delighted by the comparison. This is because I'm a crazy person.

Some background for folks: The Developers of the X-Series are well known for competing with the Gothic series for the king of Euro-Jank. X2 and 3 have a much larger scope and scale with a massive universe. X4 Foundations scales that down, a LOT with an in-universe event that shut down all but a few of the faster than light travel gates. This smaller universe has a tighter focus on fine detail, but make no mistake, it's still euro-jank and it'll show.