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Daggerfall Unity 1.0 Mod Loadout for Meaner Monster SWARMS!

In Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall we are going to run a Mage Character. This run just happens to start doing two major releases. First, a Meaner Monster Overhaul for the Enemy Expansion mod. Second, a monster-horde mod.

My first instinct was to make a male character as my previous one was female, however there are almost no male clothing mods available, where as outfits for female characters are aplenty, so until that is corrected it will likely be female Daggerfall characters.

Video Part 1:

As per usual, there is no guarantee this loadout will work, but it's packed full of fun activities and extra quests.

Resource Packs (These let Mods Work)

Fixed Dungeons Exteriors -
Fixed Dungeons Exterior Privateers' Hold -

Difficulty & Events

Warm Ashes Wilderness & Textures -
Warm Ashes Dungeon Events -
Carry-weight Configuration Menu -


All 3 Knightly Artifacts (AB1) -

New Factions

Archaeologists Guild (Highly Recommended) -

Added Items and Systems

Survival and Exploration

Basic Roads -


Transparent Windows (and hotfixes/patches) -
Detailed City Walls -
Villager Immersion Classic -
Regional NPCs (and VIC patch) -
Lively Cities -
Alfiqs -
Redguards of Hammerfell -
Solider's Luxury -
Aquatic Sprites -
Famous Faces -
Leveling Inspiration -
Lysandus Really Haunts Daggerfall -
Alternate Dungeon Exit Texture -

Graphics and Ascetics 

Classic TES Songpack (Replace Dynamic Music files in StreamingAssets/Sound) -
Better Ambiance (Disable Fog, Disable Ambient Fog Effect) - 

In DFU Launcher Under Advanced, Enhancements, set Dungeon Ambient Light to 0.2


Better Ingredient Loot Drops -
Extra Dungeon Loot Containers -

Dynamic Music (Old Version Causes Crashes)
Gotta Pet Em All (Formerly You can Pet the Cat) -
Bottled Blood -

Decorator (Customize your Playerhome FINALLY updated) -