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Altmer Hedge Wizard Modded Oblivion Run for 2024

Myra Lantel - Altmer Hedge Wizard

Oblivion is one of those games that I really like but I also I rarely play since I can play days without crashes in other games. The base Oblivion isn't too bad, but the best functional mods also have a tendency to crash it. But every few years I get it in my head to try to play it again, admittedly without my favorite mods. This is another such attempt. 

Oblivion Reloaded Combined -

No Inventory on Alt-Tab -
Unofficial Oblivion Patch -
Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch -
Unofficial DLC Fixes -
Unofficial Oblivion Tree Patch -
Unofficial Oblivion SI Tree Patch -
Misc Tweaks and Fixes -
Misc Tweaks and Fixes Resources - 
Merchant Exp Fix -
Spell Tome DLC Fix -
Bright Fog Remover -
Oblivion Remastered Textures -
Weapon Drop Fix -
Voice Management Fixes -
SkyBSA -
Runtime Editor IDs -
Blockhead -
Crash Logger -
Replace Autosaves -
Fast Exit -
Console Ignores Player -
No Lockpick Activate -
Loot Menu -
Map Menu Dosn't Click While Dragging -
Dialogue Click To Advance -
Instant Continue Button -
Jump While Blocking -
WASD in Menues -
Console Numberpad Support -
Better Autowalk -
Console Paste Support -
Simple Keyring -
Achievements for Oblivion -
DLC Delay -
Darnified UI -
DarnUI Conversion (exact normal DarnUI into this zip file and then add to Mo2 as a combined package, add INI Tweaks via Wrye Bash) -
Fonts for DarnUI -
Config For DarnUi -
Add Actor Vaules -
Menuque -
Conscribe -
LINK Plus Plus -
Configuration Items Begone -
Extended UI -
Enhanced Hotkeys -
Easy Menues -
Follower Status -
Better Enemy Health -
Better Book Paper -
Harvest Containers xOBSE -
De-Nock Arrows xOBSE -
Take or Equip -
Traveling Equipment Cloaks and Backpacks -
Colored Worldmap -
Map Marker Overhaul -
World Maps for All Spaces -
Faster Wait Sleep -
Weapon Enchant Tweaks -
Training Fix -
Faster Horse Dismount -
No Combat Music -
Skip vampire popup -
Quest Log Manager -
Quest Progress Tracker -
Quest Tracker Expanded Support -
Quest Tracker Even More Support -
Ascension Enemy Spawn Overhaul (Grab the No Starting Map Markers and Bash Filter for Unofficial Patch. Install but disable the Bash Filter) -
Potions Heal Over Time (Ascension Patch too) -
Ascension Better Clutter Item Icons -
Unique Artifacts for Unique People -
Better Unique Items on Merchants -
Balanced Creature Stats (DLC Patches too) -
Blanaced NPC Level Cap -
Balanced Unlevelled Rewards -
Ultimate Leveling -
Oblivion Magic Extender -
Av Latta Magic Overhaul -
Fractional Magic Damage -
Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul -
Smaller Maskar's Backpacks -
Maskar's Unarmored Skill -
Item Description Framework for Maskar's -
Weapon Expansion Pack -
Weapon Expansion Ascension Patch -
Weapon Expansion MOO Item Description -
Weapons of Morrowind -
Weapons of Morrowind Ascension Patch - 
Loot Feed -
Hud Counter Widget -
Death Widget -
Crime has Witness -
Crime has Witness Followers Don't Count -
Various Mods Voiced -
Better Nirnroot Reward -
Better Letters -
Rainbow Treasures -
Ragdolls for Oblivion -
Oblivion Character Overhaul 2 -
Oblivion Character Overhaul Advanced -
Oblivion Character Overhaul AI -
Oblivion Character Overhaul Seamless -
Colorful Clothing Seameless OCOV2 -
OCO Fixes HGEC Female clothes  -
New Brows -
Detailed Mouth -
Teeth Plus -
Better Teeth Vanilla -
New Eyes -
Better Agemaps -
Male Beard -
Male Beard Extended -
Nord Stubbles -
Eye Normalmaps -
New Khajit Body Nohands -
New Argonian Body Nohands -
OCO Nostril Fix -
OCO NPC Faces -
OCO Unused Eyes -
OCO Face Update -
OCO Mod Files -
Upscaled Textures -
Better Meshes -
Better Meshes Signs Fix -
Better Doors -
Better Trees and Plants -
Better Treas and Plants 2 -
Oblivion Retexture Project -
Harvest Plants -
Basic Harvest For Mods -
Improved Light Beams -
Arena Retexture -
Gecko's Fort Interior Textures -
Vkvii's Imperial City -
Gecko's Ayleid Ruins -
Gecko's Imperial Dungeons -
Ayleid Ruins Fixed -
Ayleid Glow Maps -
Oblivion Realm Textures -
Oblivion Cave Textures -
Gecko's Sound Overhaul -
Consistent Beggar Voices -
Sign Patches -
Artifacts Redone -
Ocraft Oblivion Crafting Framework -
Ocraft Crafting Skill -
Ocraft Compatablity Patches -
De Rerum Dirennis Alchemy Overhaul -
Cobol -
Cobol for DLC Homes -
Unofficial Patch for Cobol -
Knights Less Condescending Comments -
Alternate Start -
Kvatch Rebuilt -
Kvatch Rebuilt Voiced Mod -
Intact Imperial Forts -
Oblivifall Losing My Religion -
Oblivifall LMR Voiced -
Oblivifall LMR Chapel Update -
Roaming NPCs -
The Lost Spires Quest -
TLS Store Ruins -
TLS Robe Fix -
TLS Enhanced Tomb -
Resource for Enhanced Tomb 1 -
Resource for Enhanced Tomb 2 -
The Ayleid Steps Quest -
TAS Voiced -
TAS Guardian Atlas -
TAS Compatibility Patches -
The Well of Minlorada Quest -
TWM Voiced -
Hackdirt The Deep Ones Quest -
Bounty Quests 3.0 -
Knights of the Nine Revelation -
Mannimarco Resurrection -
Mannimacro Revisited -
Mannimacro Revisited UOP Patch -
Mannimacro Revisited Rebalance -
Fighters Guild Quests -
Mages Guild Quests -
Adventurer's Guild -
Oblivion New NPCs -
Rescue Menien -
Tales of Cyrodiil -
Vaults of Cyrodiil -
Dungeons of Tamriel -
Better Lord Benirus -
Simple Primary Needs -
Status Bar for Needs -
Landmarks of Cyrodiil -
Landmarks of Cyrodiil Compatibility Patch -
Unique Landscape Arrus Creek -
Unique Landscape Imperial Isle -
Unique Landscape Jerall -
Unique Landscape Showdale -
Unique Landscape Heath -
UL Compatibility Patches -
Fieldscar Village -
Fieldscar Voiced -
Frostcrag Village -
Frostcrag Voiced -
Gottshaw Village -
Gottshaw Voiced -
Molapi Village -
Molapi Voiced -
Reedstand Village -
Reedstand Voiced -
Urasek Village -
Urasek Voiced -
Vergayun Village -
Vergayun Voiced -
Waterfront Tunnel -
Navigable Niben River -
Bank of Cyrodiil -
Gold Horse Courier Delivery Jobs -

Mods Installed. Higher up is higher priority and overwrites lower mods.
Plus is active, minus is inactive.
# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
-Cyrodiil Reloaded - Failsafe Fix For KotN Chapels
+Bright Fog Remover (All fogs)
+Artifacts Redone
+Miscellaneous Patch Collection by Dispensation
+Navigable Niben
+Gottshaw Village
+Frostcrag Village
+UL Compatibility Patches Compilation WIZBAIN
+UL The Heath
+UL Snowdale
+UL Jerall Glacier
+UL Imperial Isle
+UL Arrius Creek
+Landmarks of Cyrodiil FIX
+Landmarks of Cyrodiil
+DJ-OAG Patch-33191
+Gold Horse Courier 123
+Bank of Cyrodiil
+ORC Custom Configuration
-Better Lorgren Benirus
+Dungeons of Tamriel with Bravil dungeons
+Vaults of Cyrodiil
+Tales of Cyrodiil 1.04
-Kvatch Rebuilt Patch
+Smaller MOO Backpacks
+Rescue Menien 1.0
+Cyrodiil Re-Loaded - VERSION 5.4
+Adventurers Guild
+Hackdirt The Deep Ones 2_9
+Mages Guild Quests 1_9
+Fighters Guild Quests 1_8
+Mannimarco Revisited Rebalance
+Mannimarco Revisited UOP Patch
+Mannimarco Resurrection
+Knights of the Nine Revelation 1_3_7 Full Install
+Oblivifall - Losing My Religion Chapel Update
+Oblivifall - Losing My Religion - Voice Files
-Patch - Kvatch Rebuilt-31668
+Patch - Knights of the Nine DLC
+Cathedrals Texture Fix
+Losing My Religion Full 1_43
+Bounty Quests Fixed and Polished - Voiced Addon BSA
+Roaming NPCs - Voiced Addon BSA
+Roaming NPCs v
+Bounty Quests Version 3.0 Installation Files
+Consistent Beggar Voices 2023
+Ini Mod Compendium
+Progress Trackers INIs
+AI Voice Addon for The Well of Minlorada (11Labs)
+The Well of Minlorada
+The Ayleid Steps - Compatibility Patches
+Better Forts - Voiced Addon BSA
+Better Forts
+The Ayleid Steps - The Guardian's Atlas.esp
+The Ayleid Steps - Voiced Addon BSA
+The Ayleid Steps
+strotisAyleidFurniture 7zip
+The Lost Spires - Enhanced Tomb 1.1
+LS Archaeology Guild Robe fix
+The Lost Spires - Cleaned Up Scribe
+GOSH Optional Daggerfall Style Skeletons
+Oblivion Caves retexture 1K
+Oblivion Realm HD
+Improved glow maps for Oblivion Realm
+Ayleid Glow Fix
+Ayleid Ruins Fixed - Mesh Replacer and Modder Resource
+Geckos Imperial Dungeon Textures 2K Parallax
+Geckos Ayleid Ruins Textures V2 - Parallax
+Gecko's Fort Interior Textures (2K Version)
+Arena Of Awe
+Improved LightBeam
+Unofficial Shivering Isles Tree Patch
+Unofficial Oblivion Tree Patch
+Harvest Flora v
+2020 Retexture Project - Trees and Shrubs
+2020 Retexture Project - Landscapes and Rocks
+2020 Retexture Project - Grasses
+2020 Retexture Project - Farmhouses
+2020 Retexture Project - Caves
+Improved Trees and Flora
+Improved Doors and Flora
+Mesh Improvement Project - Glowing Signs Fixed
+Oblivion Upscaled Textures BSA - Part 4
+Oblivion Upscaled Textures BSA - Part 3
+Oblivion Upscaled Textures BSA - Part 2
+Oblivion Upscaled Textures BSA - Part 1
+Mesh Improvement Project
+OCOv2 - MOO Patch
+OCOv2 - Filter Patch for Mods
+OCO Face Updater
+Unused OCOv2 Eyes and DLC Characters Incorporated
+Better Baurus for OCOv2 (Younger Version)
+Better Martin for Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 (Vanilla Hair Version)
+Better Uriel Septim for OCOv2
+More Bosmer-Esque Mankar Camoran
+Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 DLC Addon
+OCO2 nostrils fix
+Extra detailed OCOv2 human eyes
+Lifelike Eyes OCOv2
+Distinct Nord Stubbles for OCOv2
+OCOv2 Male Beard Extended
+OCOv2 Male Beard 1.12
+Better OCOv2 Agemaps Lite Version
+New Eyes for OCOv2
+better teeth vanilla npc version
+Oblivion Texture Overhaul - Realistic Mouth ( Teeth plus )
+Realistic Mouth OCOv2
+New Brows for OCO
+01 Seamless OCOv2 n HGEC Female clothes fixes
+SR- OCOv2 44676
+Ragdolls for Oblivion - Filter Patch for Mods
+Ragdolls - Main File
+Unique Artifacts for Unique People - Patches
+Unique Artifacts for Unique People
+Colorful Clothing - Collection - Seamless OCOv2
+AI Enhanced - Oblivion Character Overhaul v203 Textures
+OCOv2 - Advanced Edition (Vanilla Hairstyles)
+Oblivion Character Overhaul
+A Rainbow of Treasures - New Gems and Gem Dust
+Better Letters Version 1_3
+Ascension - Weapons of Morrowind Patch
+Weapons Of Morrowind
+Quest NPCs Run - Filter Patch for Mods
+Quest NPCs Run
+Knights - Fewer Condescending Comments
+Sinderion's Serendipidy
+DLCSpellTomes-No Attack
+Crime Has Witness Responsibility Tweak
+Crime has witnesses
+ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Forts - Voiced Addon BSA
+ImpeREAL Empire Unique Forts
+SM DLC Plugin Refurbish - Voiced Addon BSA
+SM DLC Plugin Refurbish
+Cobl Unofficial Patch
+Cobl for DLC Homes
+Progress Tracker
+Quest Log Manager 1_3_2b
+Map Marker Overhaul 3_9_3
+Kvatch Rebuilt An AI Voiced Experience
+Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0 RC3
+Simple Saves Plus
+Let People Speak - Voice Management Overhaul
+Simple Keyring
+Console Paste
+Better Autowalk
+Console Numpad Support
+Use WASD in Menus (OBSE)
+Jump While Blocking
+Hold Alt to Skip Confirm Sell Prompt
+Dialogue Click To Continue
+Map Marker Drag Fix
+Loot Menu
+No Lockpick Activate
+Console Ignores Player
+Skip Vampire Popup
+No Combat Music
+Death Notifications
+HUD Counter Widgets
+Loot Feed
+Status Bars for Needs
+Take or Equip
+Faster Horse Dismount
+Ascension - WEPON Patch
+WEPON Base Install Oblivion and SI
+MOO Item Description
+Maskar's Unarmored Skill 1_2
+Maskars Oblivion Overhaul 4_9_4_2
+Mercantile Experience Fix
+De Rerum Dirennis
+OCRAFT - Compatilbility Settings - xEdit Patch
+OCRAFT - Compatilbility Settings
+OCRAFT Crafting Skill
+Practical Training
+Av Latta Magicka
+Ultimate Leveling Patch-49134-1-9-5-3-1710446142
+Ultimate Leveling 1_9_5_2
+Balanced Unleveled Rewards - All-in-One
+Weapon Enchantment Tweaks
+Simple Primary Needs
+Travelling Equipment
+De-Nock Arrows
+Harvest Containers xOBSE
+Balanced Creature Stats - DLC Patch
+Balanced Creature Stats
+Ascension - Better Clutter Icons
+Better Unique Merchant Items
+Potions Poisons Restore Over Time Ascension Patch
+Potions and Poisons Restore Over Time
+Alternative Beginnings
+Ascension - Bash Filter for Unofficial Patch
+Ascension - No Starting Map Markers
+My Universal Fonts
+Faster Sleep Wait
+Colored World Map
+Better Book Paper
+Better Enemy Health
+Follower Status
+Enhanced Hotkeys 2_3_1
+World Maps For All Worldspaces
+QZ Easy Menus
+Extended UI
+DarNifiedUI Config Addon v1x4
+UHD Fonts for DarnifiedUI
+DarNified UI
+No Inventory On Alt-Tab
+ConScribe 100
+Runtime Editor IDs
+Crash Logger
+AltTabFix 1.1
+Vanilla Remastered 1K
+Oblivion Display Tweaks Custom Configuration
+Oblivion Display Tweaks
+Migck Miscellaneous
+AveSithis Engine Fixes
+Blue's Engine Fixes
+Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches
+Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch
+Unofficial Oblivion Patch
*DLC: DLCBattlehornCastle
*DLC: DLCFrostcrag
*DLC: DLCHorseArmor
*DLC: DLCMehrunesRazor
*DLC: DLCOrrery
*DLC: DLCShiveringIsles
*DLC: DLCSpellTomes
*DLC: DLCThievesDen
*DLC: DLCVileLair
*DLC: Knights

Plugin Load Order, bottom overwrites top
Cobl Main.esm
Knights - Revelation.esm
Oblivifall Master File.esm
Av Latta Magicka.esm
Cobl Glue.esp
Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp
UOP Vampire Aging & Face Fix.esp
Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp
Cobl Si.esp
DLCHorseArmor - Unofficial Patch.esp
DLCOrrery - Unofficial Patch.esp
DLCVileLair - Unofficial Patch.esp
DLCMehrunesRazor - Unofficial Patch.esp
DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch.esp
DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch - SSSB.esp
DLCBattlehornCastle - Unofficial Patch.esp
DLCFrostcrag - Unofficial Patch.esp
Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp
SM Plugin Refurbish Lite.esp
SM Plugin Refurbish Lite OBSE.esp
DarNifiedUI Config Addon.esp
Extended UI.esp
QZ Easy Menus.esp
Enhanced Hotkeys.esp
Follower Status.esp
Better Enemy Health.esp
Weapons Of Morrowind.esp
Oblivion Uncut.esp
Balanced Unleveled Rewards - Complete.esp
Better Forts.esp
Oblivifall - Losing My Religion.esp
The Lost Spires.esp
Kvatch Rebuilt.esp
Knights - Revelation.esp
Oblivifall - Losing My Religion KOTN.esp
Artifacts Redone.esp
Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts.esp
Adventurers Guild.esp
The Ayleid Steps.esp
Mages Guild Quests.esp
The Lost Spires - Cleaned Up Scribe.esp
GOSH Region Ambiance.esp
ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Forts.esp
Fighters Guild Quests.esp
Oblivifall - Losing My Religion Chapel Update.esp
OCRAFT - Integration.esp
delivery_job - OAG.esp
Bounty Quests.esp
Salmo the Baker, Cobl.esp
Dungeons of Tamriel.esp
No Starting Map Markers.esp
Alternative Beginnings.esp
De-Nock Arrows.esp
Harvest xOBSE.esp
Simple Primary Needs.esp
OCO Unused Eyes and DLC Eyes Incorporated.esp
Travelling Equipment.esp
Weapon Enchantment Balance Tweaks.esp
Ultimate Leveling.esp
Gottshaw Village.esp
Alternative Beginnings - Kvatch Intact.esp
Tales of Cyrodiil.esp
Av Latta Magicka.esp
Mercantile Fix.esp
Practical Training.esp
De Rerum Dirennis.esp
OCRAFT - Integration Extended.esp
New skill - Unarmored.esp
Death Notifications.esp
HUD Counter Widgets.esp
Loot Feed.esp
Status Bars for Needs.esp
Take or Equip.esp
Simple Saves Plus.esp
OCOv2 - DLC Addon.esp
Cobl for DLC Homes.esp
Map Marker Overhaul.esp
Map Marker Overhaul - SI additions.esp
Quest Log Manager.esp
Harvest [Flora].esp
Harvest [Flora] - DLCFrostcrag.esp
lSinderion's Serendipity.esp
Colorful Clothing - Collection.esp
Unique Artifacts for Unique People.esp
Better Baurus For OCOv2 (Younger Version).esp
Better Martin For OCOv2 (Vanilla Hair Version).esp
Better Uriel Septim For OCOv2 Vanilla Hair.esp
More Bosmer-Esque Mankar Camoran.esp
OCO Face Updater (Fixes Normal and Age Maps on Save Load).esp
VKVII Skin_Argonian.esp
VKVII Skin_Khajiit.esp
Consistent Beggar Voices.esp
Harvest [Flora] - Shivering Isles.esp
Harvest [Flora] - DLCVileLair.esp
The Ayleid Steps - The Guardian's Atlas.esp
The Lost Spires - Enhanced Tomb.esp
DispMiscPatch_OCOv2 - Adoring Fan No Beard.esp
DispMiscPatch_OCOv2 - VKVII Argonian and Khajiit Patch.esp
Frostcrag Village.esp
Unique Artifacts for Unique People - Distribution.esp
Bashed Patch, 0.esp
Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.esp
Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul - OCRAFT Patch.esp
OCOv2 - MOO Patch.esp