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New Year's coming did you bring your coat?

Taking a moment to look back on years past, as I usually do on the New Year and really, this last year has been a major upturn.

Yes, I'm still wasting an inordinate amount of time and work is not entirely fulfilling yet, but in the grand scheme of things, I've learned a whole new battery of skills this year and I've expanded my horizons beyond my petty ambitions in the past.

Some things that were important to me in the past no longer matter, and things that other people, RIGHT now think SHOULD matter to me do not. I think it could best be explained as a paradigm shift. I've got 3 years of goals ahead of me now, ones that I hadn't truly considered before

Regardless of what video games come out, regardless of how this job turns out, this coming year is going to be exciting.

So, happy new year everybody!