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Traveling to Newark, New Jersey

Heading to Newark NJ today for a two week business trip. For those of you who don't know me, I'm based out of the Antelope Valley, aka the High Desert of California. This means I had to travel an hour to get to the Van Nuys Flyaway bus, to ride that to LAX Airport.

So, I had to leave in the morning, to get here on time, to get through security and of course - deal with any problems as they arise. Taking off out of LAX, changing planes in Chicago and finally dropping off at Newark. I'll finally be there by 10pm if everything goes according to plan. This means I have enough time to reach the hotel and go to sleep - then it's work tomorrow.

Getting really sick of hearing "Your Safety is our Priority!" over the intercom.

In gaming news, I've got all the footage from my Brawler Skyrim run edited and ready to upload, but that'll have to wait until my trip is done. So, expect a new run up in about two weeks.