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Over Three Thousand Subscribers? WTF Youtube?!

It's been over 4 months since my job got kicked into high gear and I've had little time for games, youtube, and my general online exploits. In that time however, my youtube subscriber count has EXPLODED to over 3,000.

It's just silly, and I know why. I posted The most offensive Skyrim run on youtube, a video showing how Skyrim can be modified with some of the worst mods of all time. People, hoping to see more of that animated sex subscribe. It's so fucking stupid I want to stab myself.

The view counts are just ridiculous and If I really to, I could rack up even more continuing the virtual sex adventures... but really, it's so fucking stupid. Is that what the masses want to see? Some virtual player character getting raped by bandits and vampires over and over?

I made the video expecting to get a thousand thumbs down and a flame war, instead, the masses love the virtual rape and comment about how horrible it is just prior to subscribing and throwing it a thumbs up.

Is this the kind of thing people should love? Should I be able to profit from this? I think the answer is no, but the reality is yes, yes, and yes.

So, after I post my Brawling Skyrim Run, that will feature NO VIRTUAL SEX, will the masses beg for another rape filled smutfest instead? I'm betting yes.

Humanity, I am disappoint.