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Rogue-Like games are awesome

The concept of a roguelike game, is a game that tends to use tile/sprite-based graphics, random level generation, and most importantly permanent death. That is to say if you die in the game, your save file gets deleted!

Seasoned gamers know all about the rogue-like genre, but the more casual gamers, or those who were simply left out of the rogue era have absolutely no idea what a rogue like game should be. Well, in a rogue like game you are expected to die at some point or another, and surviving it is considered an accomplishment! That's right, no free pass to clear the game every time you want to, your to fight for it!

So, why do I enjoy rogue like games so much? Well, I guess it's because they're short, in a very little amount of time I have I can just blow through get as far as I can die and start over next time. It really fits in with my lifestyle.

Some of the better roguelike games I've enjoyed lately are as follows:

I purchased a lot more rogue likegame on the steam store as well, I can't wait to get to play them!