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Why are YouTube Networks seeking me out?

I have no desire to join a network, yet over six have contacted me with offers of ad-sharing and things of that nature.

I understand the theory behind the networks, they have your back in Copyright and other issues, they drive traffic to your site through the network, and they allow you to get a higher starting profit.

I don't think I truly are about any of those enough to respond to an automated message. You'd have to give me a specific presentation to me as to how I would benefit both now and in the long run from it.

In general I look at all these networks and their generic advertisements, scummy scam is what comes to mind. Now, if they aren't scams, then they really need to personalize their messages and put some thought into them. Bullet points with perks you can get for joining them is pretty pathetic.

So yeah, if you want to have a meaningful discussion on what your network can do for me, contact me properly! Otherwise leave your automated looking messages for someone who doesn't think they look like shit.