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Let's Add Some Mods - The Stalker Build from Fudgemuppet

Build Name: The Stalker
Race: Khajiit
Playstyle: Bows and Alchemy

The Original Build and Roleplay Details



The Lite Overhaul, this one will give you an animal companion.


Being a Hunter

Hunting in Skyrim (make sure to get no-perks version or it’ll mess with both Perkus and SPERG) - (Hunters Guild, new hunter features.)

Fuz Ro D-oh - (Lets the dialogue from Hunting in Skyrim function properly.)

Hunterborn - (Allows you to skin/harvest animal corpses)

skyBirds - (Birds to kill for alchemy/food)

Birds of Skyrim - (Immersive birds)

Camping Kit - (Buy a Camping Kit at the Riverwood Trader, use it to produce a campsite. Enter the tent to have your own personal home-away-from home.)

Harvest Overhaul - (Make sure to enable all the features in the Mod Configuration Menu, TONS of new animal/plant loot and crafting)

Ineed - (Creates a basic need for Food, and you'll be getting TONS of it with Hunterborn.)

Proper Aiming - (Third Person cross-hair aiming is accurate.)

Pick up the Bones - (Can pick up bones from everywhere, can grind it into Bonemeal for alchemy.)



Wearable Lanterns - (Set it to your front)

Cloaks of Skyrim - (adds unique cloaks to NPCs and Locations all over Skyrim)

Winter is Coming Cloaks - (adds even more cloaks to NPCs)

Wintermyst (More Random Items added to the world, new enchantments)


Starting Out

Skyrim Unbound - (Turn on Word Walls, turn off Dragon Soul Absorb, you’ll Activate words just by reading the word wall.)

Climates of Tamriel - (Weather patterns for your winterless life)

More Grass - (Makes the Wilderness a little better.)

Enhanced Lighting FX - (improves lighting all over skyrim)



No Glow With Armor Spells - (Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh, Dragonhide dosn’t put an annoying glow on you)

Helmet Toggle - (Hit H to toggle your helmet on and off)

A Quality World Map - (map looks better)

SMIM (Barrels, Chairs, Tables, EVERYTHING looks just a little bit better.


Werewolf Mods

Use them together for the best werewolf experience.


Extra Adventures:

Falskaar - (New Land To Explore)
Wyrmstooth - (Another new Land)
Moonpath to Elsweyr - (Home of the Khajiits)

Difficulty Mods

Organized Bandits in Skyrim - (Bandits arn’t as bad as they used to be)

AI Overhaul Revenge - (enemies will have the AI to use the skills, spells, and powers their class/race gives them)

Dragon Combat Overhaul - (Dragon’s arn’t AS stupid as they used t be)

Other Mods Used:

Programs used:
Mod Organizer (It's better than Nexus Mod Manager and I explain why in this video)
LOOT - (This will sort the order of your plugins to avoid conflicts, crashes, and other issues.)
Skyrim Script Extender (To make these mods work, you run this instead of skyrim THROUGH mod organizer)

Recommended (but not used in the video)
  • Spring Overhaul (Will re-balance all of Skyrim to be in Springtime, obviously mountain peaks and palces like that will still be snowy, as will winterhold, but other areas like Whiterun will be green, a natural green that fits the stalking mindset without going overboard like Tropical Skyrim did.)