Skyrim Build: Cryomancer

Race: Snow Elf (Untainted Falmer)
Class: SpellBlade (Light Armor, One handed weapon)
Powers: Ice Magic
Ice Skin (Once per day extra armor)
New Frost Spells

Spells and Powers


Not Recommended, but used for Character


Starting Out


Vampire Mods

Extra Adventures
Difficulty Mods
(Don't install these at the start, wait until you are stronger)
(Do NOT uninstall once installed)
Other Mods Used

Programs used

Mod Organizer - (It's better than Nexus Mod Manager and I explain why in this video)

LOOT - (This will sort the order of your plugins to avoid conflicts, crashes, and other issues. MO has an older verison of this, use the newest version THROUGH mod organizer.)

Skyrim Script Extender - (To make these mods work, you run this instead of skyrim THROUGH mod organizer)
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