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Skyrim Builds - The Dovahkid

The Dovahkid Playthrough

First and foremost, this build is NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, it's a Dovahkiin kid!

The Overhaul:
Perkus Maximus: (Waaaahhhh I don't want to use a Skyproc patcher, GET OVER IT KID! Requiem and Perkus are the best overhauls right now BY FAR.)
Extended Perk Descriptions (Requires ExtendedUI):

Community Uncapper (skills go passed 100)

CBBE (use never-nude option in installer)
Better Males (pick non-nude optional file from files list)
Superior Lore Friendly Hair:

Art of the Catch (Fishing):

Immersive College of Winterhold:
Legendary Cities (Vanilla Overhaul):

RS Children Overhaul (Play as a Child):
Armor and Clothing for RS Children:

Other Mods:

Used in every Loadout: