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"Fallout 3: New Vegas" Live-Stream

Modlist for my playthrough. List subject to change at any time. Untested and unconfirmed is the stablity of this list.

Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition
Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition

Tale of Two Wastelands

(Puts Fallout 3 INTO New Vegas, you can use the Train Station to switch between the two wastelands.)

Tale of Two Wastelands Fixes (Combines Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch with Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP to fix bugs in both games at the same time. NEITHER is compatible with TTW on their own.)
MCM Mod Configuration Menu - -

Project Nevada - - (Enhances and changes the core gameplay to make it more interesting.)
Project Nevada Extra Options - (Adds more options)
Project Nevada Tale of Two Wastelands Patch (Makes Project Nevada work with TTW.)
Perk Overhaul & More Perks for Tale of Two Wastelands -
225 Max Level for Tale of Two Wastleands - (Just increases your max level to 255, Travel to New Vegas BEFORE level 31 to avoid any script glitches, from then on you are free to travel back and forth all you want.)
Vertibird Transport for Tale of Two Wastelands - (Helicopter that'll take you FROM New Vegas TO Fallout 3 and back again. Only works after you've traveled TO New Vegas for the first time.)
Chem Crafting Mod for Tale of Two Wastelands - (Adds Chem, Poison, and Energy Ammo crafting stations to Fallout 3 and New Vegas)

True Wasteland Economy - (Makes it harder to horde caps, makes caps less important and trading guns for guns and such more important.)

rePopulated Wasteland - (Adds more people, everywhere!)
Military Explansion Program - (Populates the military basses.)
Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul - (Revamps the Legion)

SomeguySeries - (Master file for the Bounty Quests)
NewVegasBounties 1 - (Bounty Target Quests)
NewVegasBounties 2 - (Bounty Target Quests)

Wasteland Flora Overhaul - (Fertile version: Overhauls the trees and bushes)
Pipboy 2500 - (Brings back a Fallout 2-3 classic style pipboy. DO NOT INSTALL BEFORE EXITING VAULT 101. Use the Uninstall feature to disable prior to entering the "simulation" part of the main quest for Fallout 3, for New Vegas content you can use it forever without worry.)

An Ode to Bed - (Mod for HARDCORE MODE only: Allows you to heal 12% HP and 10% of any limb condition per hour slept. Will NOT restore broken limbs, ones with 0% condition -- you will still need a doctor's bag or doctor for that.)