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Modernizing Morrowind

I've moved onto OpenMW for my Morrowind Loadouts, however if you are looking for a classic Morrowind loadout that is modernized as quickly as possible, this may be the easiest to set up. Unless windows hates you. 

Step 1 - Install These Plugins into your Morrowind/Data Files folder first.
Sotha Sil Expanded (trainwiz) -
The Undead -
Tamriel Rebuilt -
Multiple Mark & Recall Teleports -

Step 2 - Install the Following Packages in this order.

Morrowind Overhaul -
Morrowind Overhaul Fixes -

Step 3 - Install the NEW Morrowind Graphics Extender XE - be sure to Re-Generate distant land.

Step 4 - Install the NEW Morrowind Code Patch

Step 5 - Install and Run the molx tool (Load Order Optimizer):

Step 6 - Install the Oblivion Style Combat - Oblivion Style Combat (NOTE: The Chrome Browser may NOT accept the download, IE or Firefox may be required.)