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Morrowind Modlist

Not that much has changed since my last Morrowind run, a newer computer has allowed me to increase the settings of Morrowind Graphics Extender. I've also been able to install the brand new Morrowind Code Patch, allowing skills and stats to be UNCAPPED, allowing you to gain any number of levels. There are many other benefits, but this loadout is entirly untested, and confirmed to not work with OLD save games. So, we are going to be starting from scratch and see if this'll work for us.

Official Bethesda Plugins:
Morrowind Graphics Extender XE -
NEW Morrowind Code Patch
Multiple Mark & Recall Teleports -
Install and Run the molx tool (Load Order Optimizer):
Tamriel Rebuilt -
Sotha Sil Expanded (trainwiz) -
Multiple Mark & Recall Teleports -
Style Combat (NOTE: The Chrome Browser may NOT accept the download, IE or Firefox may be required.)