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Oblivion Lite Mod List for Quick Set-Up

Your MAIN Oblivion Folder Under Steam
Oblivion Script Extender -
Extract into the same folder and run it to patch Oblivion
Oblivion 4GB Patcher -
Extract into the same Folder
ENB For Oblivion:
Overwrite the ENB's INI file with this:
EnBOOST for Oblivion:
Go into the Oblivion Launcher and make sure HDR is turned on
Bloom is turned off.
Antialaising is turned off.

People have reported issues with NMM and certain mods.

If your version of NMM can't properly install Unique Landscapes or Enhanced Economy try installing through Oblivion Mod Manager or Wrye Bash instead.

Install these with a Mod Manger or into your Data Folder:
Oblivion Unofficial Patch:
Shivering Isles Patch:
DLC Patches:

Enhanced Economy:
Better Cities:
Unique Landscapes:
Unique Landscapes + Better Cities Patch:
Disable xulCorrolHighland.esp in your plugin list, replace with:
Unique Landscapes - Chorrol Hinterland -
Use the Better cities version from the DOWNLOAD LIST.

Unique Landscapes and Better Cities will break saved games in progress, so only use with a new run.

Alternate Beginnings:
Kvatch Rebuilt:

Character Overhaul:
Character Overhaul Patches: Enable for any Unofficial patches you may be using. Don't enable for any you aren't using. 

Mannimarco Revisited:
Mannimarco Resurrection:

Elven Map Redux:
Elven Map Shivering Isles:

Crime has Witness:
Crime has Witness Tweak:
Put it in it's place:

Optional (Will make the game much harder if installed properly):
Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul:
READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE MOD PAGE, especially the ones in orange, install that, then the update linked here.

Optional extra work required:
Oblivion Mod Manager:
Darnified UI:


Make sure that BetterCities.ESP is the bottom file on the load order. Do this manually if you have to.