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OpenMW Modlist for 9/10/2016

Mod Loadout for Open Morrowind. Subject to extreme changes as time goes on.

Morrowind Game of the Year Edition:

Betheda Official mods:

Tamriel Rebuilt:

Morrowind Rebirth:

Galsiah's Character Development - Alternate Levelling System
What does it do: Link

Herb Harvesting:
Harb Harvest Patch:

Better Bodies:
Better Beast Bodies:
Better Clothes:
Better Robes:
Better More Clothes:

Darknut Armor:
Darknut Creatures:
Darknut Weapons:
Darknut Dwemer Ruins:
Azura Replacer:
Dagoth Ur Replacer:
Vivec God Replacer:
Almalexia Replacer:
Vivec God Voice:
Almalexia Voice:
Dagoth Ur Voice:

Morrowind Multiplayer Community
The Morrowind Online is currently in an early Alpha state, slating a possible rebuild eventually reaching a feature complete state when OpenMW hits version 1.0

Added Later:
Better Factor's Estate:
OpenMW Multi Mark and Recall: