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Fallout 4: War For the Commonwealth Mod List

The War of the Commonwealth Mod Loadout is designed specially to cater to an action-oriented style of play-through that forgoes a lot of things like Lockpicking and Hacking in favor of an all out war between the various factions where sneaking isn't just a good thing to have in the beginning. Anyway, check out the video below for more details. Yes, this includes a few lewd mods because I'm a pervert and I don't take Fallout 4 seriously.

Must Have Mods:

Fallout 4 Script Extender:
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch:
Enable Acheivements with Mods on:
Enable Command Console in Survival:
Unlimited Survival Activations:
Survival Options (load last):
Valdacil's Item Sorting:
Fallout Dialogue Interface:
Improved Map /w Visible Roads:
Better Wait Menu:
People Are Strangers:
Don’t Call Me Settler:
Wasteland Imports (Fallout 3/NV stuff):
Commonwealth Challanges:
The Collector’s Guides:
Unique Uniques:

War of the Commonwealth

Fallout 4 - Alternate Start

Quests & Content

Subway Runner:
Maxwell’s World:
Tales from the Commonwealth:

Expanded Abilities & Quality of Life:

Colorful Survival Icon:
Immersive Water Bottle Recycling:
Able to Lock Doors & Containers:
Faster Terminal Displays:

Game Overhauls and Rebalances:

Craftable Ammo:
Armor & Weapons Keyword Framework:
Armorsmith Extended (Get Extended & All DLCs Patch):
Cross Cosmetic Framework:
Cross Pre-War Cybernetics (Mini-Power Armor):
Cross Exo-Frame:
Cross Jet-Pack:
Durable Vertiberds:
Have Dogmeat /w a Follower:
Quiet Dogmeat Paws:
Configurable Power Armor Fusion Core Power Drain:
Perks Unleased:
Carryweight Modifications:
Companion Infinite Ammo & Unbrekalabe Power Armor:
Easier Lockpicking/Hacking:
No Companion Affinity Cooldown:
Unnaked Power Armor:
Vault 81 MoleRat Disease Immunity in Power-Armor:
Pre-War Safes Don’t have Post-War Weapons:

Settlement Mods:

Homemaker Settlement Objects Expanded:
Spring Cleaning:
Quiet Settlements:
More Guard Posts:
Immersive Travel:
Place Anywhere:

Graphics & Environment

True Storms:
Seasons of Fallout:
Elianora’s Faction Housing:
Enhanced Blood Textures:
Compact Jetpack:
Bobblegirl (Bobblehead Mod):
Ammo Rexture:
Bobbypin Retexture:
Bottle Label Overhaul:
Realstic Pre-War Money:
Weathered First-Aid Kits:
Retextured Chems:

Other, Misc, & Perverted Mods

Silent Protagnast:
Silent Player Atomatron:
Silent Player Far Harbor:
Silent Player Nuka World:
Better Male Chest:
Black Leather Armor for men:
CBBE Female Body Mod (Use Never-Nude Preset):
2pac’s CBBE Skimpy Armors:
CBBE’s Bodyslide Outfit Studio:
Customizable Leotard:
Mostly Female NPCs (Brotherhood Module):