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Skyrim Special Edition Mods Update #2

The Second Mod-List Update regarding Skyrim's Special Edition. Mods have come out that change the gaming landscape a little bit, although not quite to the satisfaction of the original game. Here are the updates:

Must Have mods
Better Dialogue Controls -
Better Message Box Controls -
Imaginator -
The Choice is Yours -
Attack Commitment -

Items & Ascetics
Immersive Armors -
Open Faced Gaurd Helmets -
Winter is Coming Cloaks -
Automatic Crossbows -

Organized Bandits in Skyrim:

Content Mods
Alternate Beginnings -
Winterhold Rebuild -
Grey Cowl of Noctorual -
Moon and Star -
Beyond Reach -
Moonpath -

Optional Upgrades
Forever Corpse -
Knights of the Nine Battlemage:

Mod to keep an eye on
Shadow of Morrowind -