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Skyrim SE - Legacy of the Dragonborn Revised List 1

This is a mod loadout for the Legacy of the Dragonborn Gallery BETA. Let's see how hard I can break the game.

The Main File
Legacy of the Dragonborn (BETA)

Unofficial Patch -
Dll Loader -
Skyrim Skill Uncapper -
Achievements Enabler -
No Bethesda Intro -
Title Screen Replacer -
SkyUI -
Better Dialogue Controls -
Better Message Box Controls -
NPCs Walk and Run at your pace -
No More Standing too close -

Static Mesh Improvement Mod -
Quality World map -
Pastel Map Markers -
Map Markers Complete -

Ordinator Perks -
Apocalypse Magic -
Imperious Races -
Aurora Standing Stones -
Summermyst Enchantments -
Thunderchild Shouts -
Sacrosanct Vampires -
Better Vampires + Sacrosanct Patch -
Better Vampire NPCs -
Predator Vision -
Spectraverse Quest -
Dewemertech Quest -
Sneak Tools -
Wildcat Combat -

XP32 Max Sekleton -
High Poly Male Body -
High Quality Male Textures -
Seraphim Body (Used the SFW Version in Files Section) -
Seraphim Vanilla Replacer (for begger/farmer/monk/blacksmith's clothes) -
Seraphim Skimpy Armor (loose files version; DELETED beggar/farmers/monk/blacksmith clothes) -
Girly Animation -
Pretty Female Idles -
Opulent Outfits (Mages not Skimpy) -
Fine Fur-Mantled Clothes Replacer (nobles who are not Jarls are non-skimpy) -
No Bonze Shine -
KS Hair -
Ineed Hunger Thirst Sleep -
Hunterborn -
Frostfall -

Dawn of Skyrim Town Overhaul -
Noble Skyrim Textures (go to file page, manually download SE version)
Skyrim Flora Overhaul (Trees only) -
Veydosebrom Grass -
Landscape fixes for Grass Mods -
True Storms -
Wet and Cold -
Realistic Water -
Travel Carriages Overhaul -
Hold Banners -

Less Tedious Thieves Guild -
Dawnguard Delayed to level 40 -
Winterhold Rebuild -

Optional, should activate WAY LATER:
Sands of Time Difficulty Mod -
Mighty Dragons -

Files merged and changes made in Wrye Bash:

While in Wrye Bash:
Be sure to select Coins of Tamriel
Under Bashed Tags on the sidebar, add the tags: 
Relev and Delev

This will remove Septims from Dragur and Dwarven machines, and replace them with Alessians and Kagrenacs.