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Oblivion Medium Loadout for Better Cities, Unique Landscapes, Maskar's and More!

I'm excited to try out this loadout because it contains a Daggerfall-Like Religion Mod on top of my favorite hits. Unlike my Fcom or Previous Lite Loadouts this does NOT contain a De-Levelled world and Osuros Oblivion Overhaul is not in use. But Maskar's makes up for that.

Oblivion Script Extender -
Oblivion Stutter Remover -
Oblivion Engine Fixes -
Oblivion 4gb Ram Patcher -
Blockhead -
Silent Voice -
Steamline 3.1 -

Unoffical Shivering Isles Patch -
Unoffical Oblivion DLC Patches -
Texture Pack -
Maskars Oblivion Overhaul (harder enemies, invasions, climbing skill, unique stuff) -

Enhanced Economy -
Elven Map Redux -
Elven Map Shivering Isles -
Alchemy Advanced -
Quest Award Leveller -
Robert’s Male Body -
Oblivion Character overhaul 2 (includes patches for Eye Candy & Robert’s Male) -
Kafeis Better Ring Replacer
Arrows Weigh Nothing -
Imperial City Expanded -
Kvatch Rebuilt -
Unique Landscapes -
Unique Landscapes Patches -
Mannimarco Revisited -
Mannimarco Resurrection -
Knights of the Nine Revelations -
Daggerfall Religion in Oblivion -