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Skyrim LE | Aldmeri Noble - Legacy of the Dragonborn

Thanks everyone on the YouTube thread for the feedback. We are still going Thalmor, but not Thalmor. Yes, the Aldmeri Noble. All the snootiness of a Thalmor and then some. The objective of this perticular run is to start as a human hating High Elf and evolve the character into a Dragonborn who is the enemy of the Thalmor due to the Thalmor fearing his power, which will happen as a natural course of the game. Now, as the old saying goes: "The Enemy of my Enemy is my Pawn." and so the Nords will become his pawns.

You can watch Archived Episodes of this series on this YouTube Playlist or check out the embedded video:

Core Programs and DLLs

Skyrim Script Extender -
SKSE Plugin Loader -
Crash Fixes - (Replaces old SKSE memory patch)
Crash Fixes for ENB -

Wrye Bash (for merging levelled lists) -
TES5Edit (For cleaning Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, and Dragonborn.esm) -

Core Mods

Unofficial Legendary Patch -
Community Uncapper -
SkyUI -
ExtendedUI -
UI Extensions -
Better Message Box Controls -
Better Dialogue Controls -
JContainers -
DienesTools -
Extensible Follower Framework -
MoreHUD -
IActivate -
Silent Voice Support for Unvoiced Mods -
Wiseman's Flora Fixes -
Lock Overhaul -
Encounter Zones Unlocked -

Relic Hunter Mods
Legacy of the Dragonborn -
Morrowloot 4E -
Immersive College of Winterhold -
Falskaar -
Wyrmstooth -
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal -
Forgotten City -
Wheels of Lull -
Atherium Armor and Weapons -
Hunterborn -
Skyrim Unique Treasures -
Trophy Heads -
Jar Hunt -
Fairy Hunt -

Mods /w Relic Hunter Patches

New Treasure Hunt -
Vigilant -
Vigilant (English Voice Addon) -
Artifacts Tournament of 10 bloods -
Amulets of Skyrim -
Oblivion Artifact Pack -
Moon and Star -
Immersive Weapons -
Dawnguard Arsenal -
Heavy Armory -
Airship -
Mad Masker -
Utter Unique Upgrade -
Zim's Immersive Artifacts -
Mystic Condenser -
Airship -
Skyrim Underground -
Clothing and Clutter Fixes -
Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade -
Cutting Room Floor -
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul -
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Patches -
Complete Crafting Overhaul -

Survival Mods
Ineed Fatigue/Hunger/Thirst -
Campfire -
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim -
Harvest Overhaul -

Thalmor Mods
Alternate Start - Live Another Life -
Thalmor Solitude Base are Actually Thalmor -
Thalmor Companion Guild -

Landlord -
Become a Drug Lord -

Game Overhauls
Imperious Racials -
Ordinator Perks -
Apocylpse Magic (/w Ordinator Patch) -
Thunderchild Shouts (/w Wyrmstooth patch) -
Aurora Standing Stones -
Wildcat Combat -
Summermyst Enchantments -
Dwemertech Quests -
Spectraverse Quests -
Ravengate Arena -
Better Vampires (/w Sacrosanct and Royal Bloodline Patchs) -
Sacrosanct Vampires -
Royal Bloodline Vampire Perks (Use Better Vampires Version) -
Coins of Tamriel V2 -
Currency Exchange -
Immersive Creatures -
Other Mods
JK Skyrim -
Interesting NPCs -
Populated Skyrim -
CBBE (NSFW page, use Never-Nude version) -
Remodeled Armor for CBBE -
Immersive Wenches -
Book of Silence (Item Remodels) -
Immersive Sounds -
Morrowind-Like Soul Gems -
Water Skyrim -
All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently -
Bags and Pouches -
Wearable Lanterns -
Map Mods
Quality World Map -
Map Markers Complete -
Pastel Map Markers -