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Skyrim SE Loadout for Legacy of the Dragonborn v3

This loadout is a little more complete than the previous Legacy of the Dragonborn Loadout as far as supported mods go. Although still pales compared to the original edition due to the limited mod selection.

Lacking Campfire and Frostfall because at the time of making this they break when detecting the Skyrim Script Extender 64 bit edition. Using Realistic Needs and Diseases due to maximum compatibility.

If you are looking for altered game rules via Wrye Bash, check the bottom of the page.

Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn -
Legacy Supported Mods
Moonpath -
Alternate Start -
Skyrim Unique Treasures -
Grey Cowl -
Helgen Reborn -
Falskaar -
Atherium Armor and Weapons -
Wheels of Lull -
Morrowloot -
Hunterborn -
Legacy Patch Mods
Artifacts of Skyrim -
Cloaks of Skyrim -
Ravengate Arena -
Amulets of Skyrim -
Artificer -
Cutting Room Floor -
Immersive Armors -
Immersive Sounds -
Mystic Condenser -
Moon and Star -
Oblivion Artifact Pack -
Places and Castles Enhanced -
Path of Revenant -
Skyrim Alchemy and Food Overhaul -
Skyrim Underground -
Undeath -
Vigilant -
Basic System Overhauls
SKSE64 -
DLL Loader -
SkyUI -
Skill Uncapper -
Unofficial Skyrim Patch -
New Skyrim Logos -
Immersive Hud -
Achievements Enabler (SKSE64 Version) -
Better Dialogue Controls -
Better Message Box Controls -
Disable Bethesda Logo to Load Faster -
Sovengarde Font Replacer -
Unoffical Skyrim Patch -
Quality World Map (Vivid with Stone Roads Version) -
Map Markers Complete -
Pastel Map Markers -
Amazing Follower Tweaks -
Instant Mining - Instant Mining -
Proper Aiming -
Get Up Faster -
Carry Weight Modifier x3 -
Civilians Run from Dragon & Vampire Attacks -
Harvest Overhaul -
Coins of Tamriel -
Currency Exchange -
Gameplay Overhauls
Ordinator Perks -
Imperious Races -
Summermyst Enchantments -
Apocalypse Magic -
Thunderchild Shouts -
Aurora Standing Stones -
Wildcat Combat -
Spectraverse Quests -
Dewmertech Quests -
World NPC Overhauls 
Interesting NPCs -
Populated Skyrim: The Hell -
Genesis Unleashed: Dungeon Encounters - NOTE: Genesis currently causes a Bandits passive if you join Dark Brotherhood Bug, do not use.
Immersive Wenches -
Deadly Wenches -
Enhanced Mighty Dragons -
Vampire Mods
Better Vampires (and Sacrosanct Patch) -
Sacrosanct Vampires -
Humanoid Vampires -
Fangs and Eyes -
Sensuous Serana -
Better Vampire NPCs -
Castle Volkihar Redux -
Other Mods
Static Mesh Improvement Mod -
Realistic Water -
Enhanced Blood -
Bring out your dead -
Immersive Jewelry -
Paarthurnax -
Undeath Immersive Lichdom -
Vigilant English Voice -
Less Tedious Thieves Guild -
Pretty Face Men & Women -
Ks Hairdos -
Seraphim Body Replacer (SFW version) -
Seraphim Skimpy Armor Replacer -
XxAwesome_PotionsxX -
Pretty Female Idles -
Opulent Outfits -
Colovian Fur Clothes -
Skyhide (No Helmets) -
Morrowind like-Soul Gems -
Tavern Games -
I'm a Customer Dammit -

Make sure in Wrye Bash when creating the bashed patch to go to the sidebar and add Delev and Relev to Coins of Tamriel so it can affect the leveled lists.

This will replace most gold in Nordic and Dwemer Ruins with local, period specific coins.