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Warframe: Gara is Best Girl! | How to Play Gara | Build & Guide

In the game Warframe you take control of cyber-organic space ninjas know as the titular Warframes. The Gara Warframe is a tanky, defensive, Crowd Control, AoE DPS Warframe and one of the best
frames in the game. Gara's skills synergize with each-other in Combos.

I will provide a simple text explanation below, or check out this video for a more detailed and in-depth guide.



BUFF Self/Allies/Objectives:

# 2 Ability provides 90% damage reduction, keep it on yourself at all times, casting # 4 will refresh that ability. This can be given to allies, defense objectives, and excavators.



# 4 Ability to create barrier, Tap # 1 to shatter it outwards. Melee weapon puncture mods are used to enhance it's damage. This is good for clearing large packs of enemies, like IO/Hydron.



If you use the above DPS method and are OUTSIDE of the # 4 barrier when you shatter it with # 1.

Your # 2 Buff will take the shards from the shatter, creating a damage field around you as long as your # 2 stays up. THIS CAN BE STACKED and incentivizes you to keep # 2 from ever falling off during a mission.



# 4 will Freeze enemies inside of it. CC'd enemies are immune to status effects, but take 165% extra damage. # 2 Will be refreshed instantly when you use this on yourself. Allies/Objectives will get the buff refreshed if they pass through the expanding barrier prior to it solidifying.



# 4 when solidified creates a barrier with the health/shields of enemies CC'd inside of it. You must CC in order to defend properly as a base-health barrier is weak. Where as a barrier created by CCing many enemies will have a lot of health.

DO NOT TREAT IT AS A FROST BUBBLE - It is next to worthless as defense if you don't catch any enemies in it.

This keeps enemies OUTSIDE of an area.

If you think the glass is going to break, see DPS method and then recast.



The weaker from of CC is Gara's # 3 which creates a field that makes enemies run around in circles and shoot at mirrors. If they shoot at it, they'll do self-damage.

It is NOT a good form of DPS. This keeps enemies INSIDE an area. Great for keeping them off stuff, or locking them into an area such as on the Index. They won't score any goals if you use this properly.


Wide Area killing loadout

This simple loadout can be used anywhere, but it's most effective on Hydon, IO, and other maps Gara can clear with a single barrier shatter.

Balaced More Duration Loadout

If you have trouble keeping Spinterstorm on yourself and allies, this enhanced duration build should help at the cost of range, great for survival missions.

Melee Boosting Puncture Damage Loadout:

Gara's #1 receives damage bonus from melee mods. That damage is conveyed in the Combo by shattering #4 as an AoE.


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