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OpenMW Morrowind Loadout for Exploration, Crafting and More

Today we are trying a mod loadout that is most likely not compatible. I've done everything in my power to smooth over the issues created by using a lot of these mods together. So just for fun, let's try to play with all these mods on at once and see what happens!

Spoilers: It's probably going have some issues.

Open Source Morrowind Engine:
Official Morrwind Plug-ins from Bethesda -

Unofficial Morrowind Patch -
Solsteim Rumor Fix -
Better Font -
Dark Brotherhood Attacks Delayed -
NPCs don't attack Vampire Player on sight:
Speed and Stamina -
Multi Mark and Recall OpenMW/TR -
New Graphics
Better Heads TR -
Better Bodies -
Better Clothes -
Better Clothes Vol1 -
Better Clothes Bloodmoon -
Better Armor -
Darknut's Better Weapons (install before below mods) -
Backhand's Dagger -
Widowmaker -
Lord's Mail -
Boots of Blinding Speed -
Fists of Rag -
Bow of Shadows -
Veloth's Judgement -
Bow of Shadows -
Umbra -
Bloodworm Helm -
Ket's Potions -
Long Live the Plates -
Long Live the Limeware -
Long Live the Glassware -
Saint Shrines -
Better Almalexia -
Divine Dagoth Ur (Overwrite Darkut's Creatures) -

Sound and Music
Lich Barilzar Voice -
Vivec Voice -
Almalexia Voice -

HOW TO INSTALL THE (Broken) voice Addons
Dagoth Ur Voice (Broken) -

New NPCs/Enemies

New Quests, Locations, and Factions
Morrowind Advanced (by Gary Noonan/Wormgod) -
Tamriel Data -
Tamriel Rebuilt -
Welcome to the ARENA OpenMW (Replace file) -
Tomb of the Snow Prince -
Tomb of the Snow Prince NOM Compatibility -
Better Factor's Estate -
Battlespire -
Wyrmhaven -

Crafting and Survival
Necessities of Morrowind -