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Fallout 4 Horizon Survival Test Loadout

It's been a long time since my last Horizon Survival run in Fallout 4 and MUCH has been added to the mod since them. I figured it was time to revisit Horizon with some compatibility patches that didn't exist back when I originally ran it. I imagine I'll be tweaking, testing, crashing, and restarting with this loadout, as I do with all loadouts.

This has been set up for Live-Streaming on

Fallout 4 Script Extender -
Mod Organizer 2 -

Better Console -
Mod Configuration Menues -
Survival Unlocker -
Survival Console Unlocker -
Settlement Keywords -
Faster Terminal Display -
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch -
Improved Map with visible Roads -
Colorful Survival Icons -
Scrap Everything  -
Settlement Limits Slashed -
Silent Protagonist Automatron -
Silent Protagonist Far Harbor -
Silent Protagonist Nuka World -

Dogmeat /w Followers Mod -
Dustworth Follower Mod -
Nora Follower Mod -

Bottlegirl -
Mostly Female NPCs (Brotherhood of Steel Module) -
Complete Breakfast -
Enhanced Vanilla Bodies (Male Never-nude version) -
Briefs for Men EVB -
Pampas Set (Skimpy Armor) -
Pampas Set Male (Skimpy Armor for MEN) -

Vivid Weathers -
Wasteland Imports (Fallout3/NV Items) -
Horizon Wasteland Imports Patch -
Faction Housing Overhaul -
Horizon Survival Overhal (put near the END of the load order) -