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Some Elder Scrolls Online Mods of note

This quick mod list for the Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. It contains a basic set of quality-of-life mods for player use. I would highly recommend not running any of these mods in their default configuration but rather going into Options --> Addons and configuring them yourself. That statement actually goes for Skyrim mods too, but people don't listen and get confused when my mods don't work like thier mods right out of the box, but the details on that are a story for another day.

Advanced UI (Minimap and More: Fixed version) -
Pchat (Better Text Chat) -
Skyshards on Map (For Skill-points) -
Lorebooks on Map (For Mages Guild Reputation) -
Inventory Grid View -
LovelyEmote (Bind Emotes to buttons)
NoThankYou (Hides common useless messages)
Suppress Error (Hides UI Errors, useful when the game updates) -