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Skyrim Special Edition Loadout for 10/2018

This load-out combines some of the best Legacy of the Dragonborn mods on the Special Edition, sadly some of them will never be ported like Wyrmstooth or the Accoutrements mod. So this loadout is inherently inferior to Legendary Edition loadouts.

Skyrim Script Extender:
Engine Fixes -
UI Extensions -
Achievements Enabler -
Morehud -
IActivate -

Quality World Map -
Pastel Map Markers -

EXP Leveling System (EXP for Kills turned on, EXP for discovery greatly lowered) -

Lock Overhaul (Ordinator Version) -
Attack Commitment -
All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently -

Vampire Fangs and Eyes -

Populated Skyrim -
Immersive Wenches -
Deadly Wenches -
Immersive Creatures -
I'm a Customer -
Tavern Games -
Ineed -
Campfire -
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim -
Harvest Overhaul -
Hunterborn -
Cooking and Alchemy -
Harder Barter Settings -

Standing Stones -
Enchantments -
Races -
Magic -
Perks -

Thunderchild Shouts -
Dewmertech -

Tools of Kagrenac -
Spectraverse -

Legacy of the Dragonborn -
Alternate Start -
Moonpath -
Grey Cowl -
Forgotten City -
Helgen Reborn -
Falskaar -
Wheels of Lull -
Ravengate -
Beyond Reach -
Moon and Star -
Immersive College of Winterhold -
Path of the Revenant -
Project Aho -
Tournament of Ten Bloods -
Winterhold Rebuild -
Skyrim Underground -
Undeath Remastered -
Immersive Lichdom -
Undeath Sewers Patch -
Vigilant -
Vigilant Voices Addon -
Fossil Mining -
BadGremlin's Collectables -
Morrowloot -
Atherium Armor -
Thane Weapons Reborn -
Heavy Armory -
Artifacts of Skyrim -
Legendary Artifacts -
Zim's Artifacts -
Immersive Weapons -
Immersive Armors -
New Treasure Hunt -
Immersive Jewelry -
Cloaks of Skyrim -
Amulets of Skyrim -
Oblivion Artifact Pack -

Morrowind Soul Gems -
Hide Helmet -
Wearable Lanterns -

Static Mesh Improvement Mod -
Better Males -
Better Males SFW Patch -
ADEC Armor and Clothing -
Awesome Potions -

Wyre Bash:

Make sure in Wrye Bash when creating the bashed patch to go to the sidebar and add Delev and Relev to Coins of Tamriel so it can affect the leveled lists.

This will replace most gold in Nordic and Dwemer Ruins with local, period specific coins.

Oh, and this should go without saying for EVERY LOADOUT EVER, but before even building a loadout use SSEEdit:

And clean your UPDATE/DAWNGUARD/DRAGONBORN files of their Deleted References and Identical to Master Records.