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New Tale of Two Wastelands (3.2) Loadout

There aren't a lot of converted mods for Tale of Two Wastelands 3.0 yet, but it's getting there. Let's give the basic game a try and see what happens.

Tale of Two Wastelands Requires BOTH Fallout 3 and New Vegas, it will take files out of your Fallout 3 folder and put them into your New Vegas folder along with patches and things to make them work together. In essence, you'll be running NV, but also have modified Fallout 3 content.

Tale of Two Wastelands comes with the script extender, stutter remover, 4gb patch, plugin optimizations, ini optimizations, and more, these are all a part of the installer. Note that installing on my fast hard drive took 10 mins, installing on a SLOW hard drive may take a couple hours.

Tale of Two Wastelands -
ENB New Vegas 322 (Set ENBoost Only) -

Project Nevada (CORE MOD ONLY, DO NOT USE Re-balance or Equipment) -
Max Level 99 -
TTW Essential Travelling Merchants -
TTW A World of Pain -
A World of Pain NV -
TTW A World of Pain NV Patch -

TTW Quickstart (Skip Vault 101 - OPTIONAL, you will miss the intro) -