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Casual Morrowind Run while Main Computer is Down

My Main Computer's power supply fell down and went boom. We'll be getting a new one next month, in the meantime we are going to relax and play Morrowind.

This particular loadout was created for the purposes of Live-Streaming at

OpenMW Engine -
MorrowUI (Overwrite OpenMW)
Official Plugins -
Official Plugins Fixes -
Patch for P1urists -
Dark Brotherhood Delayed -
Natural Growth Alternate Leveling mod (NOT for TES3MP)
Magcika Regen -
Practical Necromancy Morrowind -
Multi-Mark and Recall (NOT for TES3MP)
Speed and Stamina -
Sneak Tools OpenMW -
Sneak Tools Patch -
Persuasive Speechcraft -
100% Projectile Store Chance -
Auto Equip Ammo OpenMW -
Carryweight 10 Module -
Enhanced Economics -
Graphic Herbalism -
Protective Guards OpenMW -
The Hostiles -

Morrowind Rebirth 5 Part2 -
Tamriel Rebuilt -
Skyrim Home of the Nords -
Province Cyrodiil: Isle of Stirk -
Tamriel Data (For Tamriel Rebuilt) -
Welcome to the Arena -
Welcome to the Arena (OPENMW Patch) -
Morrowind Advanced (by Gary Noonan/Wormgod) -
Battlespire -
Wyrmhaven -
Better Factor's Estate -
Less Generic NPCs Dialogue Only Merged -

Daggerfall Style Menu -
Fargoth Narrated Intro -
Westly's Pluginless Head Replacer -
Westly's Head Hair Fix -
Machine Learning Upscaled Textures -
Better Bodies -
Better Clothes -
Better Clothes Vol1 -
Better Clothes Bloodmoon -
Better Armor -
High Res Better Clothes -
High Res Native Styles -
Divine Domina -
Animation Compilation -
Darknut's Better Weapons (install before below mods) -
Backhand's Dagger -
Widowmaker -
Lord's Mail -
Boots of Blinding Speed -
Fists of Rag -
Bow of Shadows -
Veloth's Judgement -
Bow of Shadows -
Umbra -
Bloodworm Helm -
Ket's Potions -
Long Live the Plates -
Long Live the Limeware -
Long Live the Glassware -
Furniture Replacer -
Lantern Replacer -
Better Barnacles -
Rain Replacer -
Random Retextures -
Fire Textures -
Waterfall Textures -
Saint Shrines -
Real Signposts -
Darknut's Better Creatures -

Better Almalexia -
Better Vivec  (Overwrite Darkut's Creatures)  -
Better Dagoth Ur (Overwrite Darkut's Creatures) -
Better Sounds:
Thieves Step -
Dagoth Gares Voice -
Lich Barilzar Voice -
Vivec Voice -
Vivec Voice OpenMW Patch -
Almalexia Voice -
Dagoth Ur Voice -
Fixing Dagoth Ur's Voice:
  • Install the mod.
  • Switch to the /Sound/Vo directory.
  • Create a new folder "Ur".
  • Switch to /Sound/Vo/D-Ur.
  • Move the file "A noble ambition.mp3" to the newly created "Ur" directory.

Preserving Fargoth (Keeps Fargoth's Head the same even with alternate head mods) -

Wrye Mash for OpenMW -
Create a Mashed Patch, load at the bottom of your load order.