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Let's Crash Oblivion with my Favorite Mods

The new computer's ready, but I'm not quite ready to do a new Skyrim Run or follow through on my original plans to create a concurrent Fallout 76 and Fallout 4 Horizon play.

We are still a few days away from recovering the data from my old hard drive to continue the Daggerfall Run we were doing, so let's break Oblivion with my favorite mods!

 Oblivion Mod Manager -
Wrye Bash -

4GB Ram Patch -
((New Vegas)) Anti-Crash -
Anti-Crash ENBOOST -
Oblivion Script Extender -
Engine Bug Fixes -
Stutter Remover 4-1-0 -
Unofficial Oblivion Patch -
Shivering Isles Patch -
DLC Patch -
DarnUI - One Tweak -

Map Redux -
Map Redux (Shivering Isles) - Silent Voice for Modded Quests -
Blockhead -
MenuQue -

Robert's Male Body -
Character Overhaul 2 -
Seamless IDIOT -

Imperial City Expanded -
Vaults of Cyrodiil -
Imperial Forts -
Better Cities -
Unique Landscapes -
Unique Landscapes Patches -
Kvatch Rebuilt -
Manimarco Revisited -
Manimarco Resurrection -
Alternate Start -

Maskers Oblivion Overhaul -
Enhanced Economy -
Oblivion XP -