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Morrowind Multiplayer Run for 5-20-2020

A simple Mod Loadout is for OpenMW's TES3MP fork with the intent of a Multipalyer campaign with Kon and Dretch.

Official Plugins -
Official Plugin List -

Magicka Regen -
Natural Growth Leveling Mod -
TES3MP Data Manager Framework -

OpenMW Climbing Mod -
Speed and Stamina -
TES3MP Natural Growth and Decay Mod -

Morrowind Rebirth -
Skyrim Home of the Nords -
Province Cyrodiil: Isle of Stirk -
Tamriel Data (For Tamriel Rebuilt) -
Morrowind Advanced (by Gary Noonan/Wormgod) - Hostiles -

Sixth House -
Wyrmhaven -

Carryweight -

Westly's Pluginless Head Replacer -
Westly's Head Hair Fix -
Machine Learning Upscaled Textures -
Better Bodies -
Better Clothes -
Better Clothes Vol1 -
Better Clothes Bloodmoon -
Better Armor -
High Res Better Clothes -
High Res Native Styles -
Divine Domina -

Darknut's Better Weapons -
Darknut's Better Creatures -

Preserving Fargoth (Keeps Fargoth's Head the same even with alternate head mods) -

Equipment Starter Script -
Cell Reset Mod -
Double Trouble -
Visual Harvesting -
Multiplayer Fixes for Singleplayer Quests -