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Daggerfall Unity "Survival" Ladout for May 13 2020

After getting my new computer set up, I created a new install of Daggerfall Unity, grabbing the old save files from my previous computer. While this playthough does use the saves from the old Meaner Monsters loadout, the loadout has been expanded to add advanced armor degradation, a load of extra items and features including hunting and survival mechanics when traveling the wilderness.

Download and Install Daggerfall:
New Daggerfall Engine (Unity):

Roleplay Realism Pack -
Roleplay Realism Item Pack -
Harvestable Ingredients -
Decorator -
Daggerfall Skyshards -

Daggerfall Unity Quest Pack 1 -
Archaeologists Guild -
Added Canon Locations -

Loading Screens -
Outfit Manager -
Inventory Filter -
Carryweight Customizer -

Mountains and Hills Landscape Mod -
Enhanced Sky -
Hand-painted Model Replacements -
Villager Immersion Overhaul -
Taverns Redone -
Orchestral Daggerfall Soundtrack Remix -

NOT recommended for first Playthrough
Climates and Calories -
Real Time Fast Travel -
Unlevelled Mobs and Quests -
Meaner Monsters -
Warm Ashes Encounters -

RESOURCE INTENSIVE - Requires a Mid To High Range PC (Uses 6-7 GB of RAM)
DREAM Graphics Overhaul -