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Daggerfall Unity: Enemy Expansion Loadout for Aug 30 2022

Unlike most load-outs online, this does not use of D.R.E.A.M. and instead focuses on more content and performance over improved graphics. Difficulty wise this aims to be a middle of the road loadout for experienced players. 
Borrowing some of the harder ones like Climates and Calories, Warm Ashes, and Sigil, wile also avoiding mods like Ironman or Power Struggle, and also taking advantage of some serious quality of life mods like Levelup Adjuster.

Regardless of what kind of experience you aim to have however, I highly recommend the General Fixes and Open World sections of the load-out, the rest, take what you want.

General Fixes and Improvements
Unofficial Block Location Fixes -
Actions Framework -
World Tooltips -
Uncanny Interface -
Viewable Skill Progress -
Drafty Secret Door -
Roleplay Realism -
Roleplay Realism Items -
Usable Starting Equipment -
Skip intro -
Convenient Quest Log -
Quest Offer Locations -
Hotkey Bar -
Rest Warning When feeling unwell -

The Open World
Basic Roads (optional patches too) -
World of Daggerfall -
Travel options -
Fixed Dungeon Exteriors -
Transparent Windows -
Finding my Religion -
Skyshards -
Detailed City Walls -
Lively cities -
New Guild Halls -
Taverns Redone -
Archaeologists -
Travelling Alchemists -
Potions of Illiac Bay -
Airships -
Better Quality Descriptions -

Quests and Activities 
DF Quest Pack 1 -
TheJF Quest Pack -
Arena's Adventures -
Skyrim's Adventures -
Random Little Quests -
Pilgrimages -
Temples and Templar Orders -
Jobs of the Thieves Guild -
Whispers From The East -
Rumors of the Illiac Bay -

Hard Mode Quests and Activities 
Warm Ashes -
Beyond Ashes Bounty Hunters -
Sigil Wilderless Encounters -
Climates and Calories -
Weather Items -
Limited Gold Shops -
No Guild Loot Piles -
Hidden Map Locations -

Harder Enemies
Enemy Expansion -
Meaner Monsters (Load after Enemy Expansion) -

Added Abilities, Gear, and Powers 
Level Up Adjuster -
Carry-weight Customizer -
Mighty Foot -
Advanced Teleportation -
Penwick Papers -
Skullduggery -
Temples Cure Poison -
No Equip Delay -
Jewelry Additions -

Improved Graphics and Audio
Hand-painted Models -
Diverse Weapons -
Unique armor -
Better Ambiance -
Improved Interior Lighting -
Famous Faces of the Lliac Bay -
Daggerfall Expanded Textures -
Red Brick Replacer -
Dynamic Skies -
Re-sequenced Daggerfall Music -