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Gruff Link - Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2023


Link but he has a beard. Minor tweaks to gameplay, playing with Master Mode enemy spawns.

BCML: Breath of the Wild Cross Platform Mod Loader -
Second Wind Expansion Pack -
Hyrule Rebalance (Flury Rush LIMIT Only) -
Cheap Weapon Slot Expansion -

Additionally, the following manual tweaks have been implemented:

144 FPS Gameplay, to match the monitor refresh rate. Viewers will only see 60 FPS, the game normally runs at 30. Cutscenes will run at 30 to prevent glitches.

Master Mode is on, but all features of Master Mode other than Enemy Spawns have been disabled, this means that other than stronger enemies all around the world, the game is in regular mode. The Master Mode Triforce Icon in the corner of the screen has been removed.

Weapon Durability is a flat 10x more than vanilla. This does not remove the durability system, merely reduce the rate at which weapons break.

Length of Days are doubled, that is increased from 24 mins to 48 mins.

Button Prompts for X Y A B have been switched around to match my custom controller.

Bloodmoons are more frequent as a way of cleaning up the world, a sort of soft reset.