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Minecraft 2017 version in 2023

Today we are running a modified version of the masochistic modpack, RLCraft. We've modified RLCraft with a setting to keep our inventory on death, server cheats so we can kill ourselves instantly when we spawn in a bad place and teleport out of horrible situations that didn't kill us, and we added a Minimap. RLCraft does have it's own map, but it's infinitely worse (on purpose).

Minecraft Java Version 1.12.2 (Very old, current is 1.19.1) -

RLCraft (Horrible Masochistic RPG Mod) -

Xaero's Minimap -

What is that -

Optifine (It's like a worse Sodium, but works on the OLD version 1.12.2) -

Chroma Hills Texture Pack (1.12 version, scroll down) -

Sildur's Enhanced Default Fast Shaders -

Turned KeepInventory on in global settings.